Can you ID this location in Afghanistan?

Greetings from a noncom who needs help. As you might know, a Renault FT tank built during WWI has recently been presented to the Polish govt by the Afghans. It's believed to be one of four that were sold by France to Poland, captured by the Bolsheviks, presented to Afghanistan by USSR in 1923, and forgotten about in the West until 2002.

All four are now accounted for: two went via a scrapyard outside Kabul to Fort Knox: one found at Spin Boldak went to the French Tank Museum at Saumur; and this last one is now being restored in Poznan. Until it was flown to Poland, it had spent some time on display at the entrance to a large hangar within the Defence Ministry in Kabul (top). Previously it had been on display in front of a large camouflaged archway, along with a Soviet BMP (bottom).

Now this is the point of all this. I'm trying to piece together where these vehicles were between 1923 and the present day. It's been suggested that the archway is part of the southern perimeter wall of the Defence Ministry, but I've had no confirmation, even from a couple of Afghan contacts, and Google Street View doesn't seem to have reached there yet. Does it by any chance ring a bell with anyone who has done a bit in Afghanistan?

Hope you don't mind my troubling you, gentlemen. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Hi. Thanks very much for reply. Unfortunately, Landships is us!

It turns out not to be the President's Palace. It's pretty certain that the arch is somewhere in the vicinity of the MoD, but a lot of new building has gone on since the photo was taken. It crossed my mind that a serving soldier might have seen it in Kabul. But not to worry. The case continues.

Best wishes.
I've asked one of my guys who has lived here in Kabul for 40 odd years, and he says it is the Presidential Palace on the southern side of the city. The bottom pic he says is from pre-taliban rule days.
That's great. This aerial photo shows the vehicle's location in the MoD until it was moved in October. That's deffo. The other's what seems to be a very much older shot of the arch.

That's a huge help. Thanks very much indeed.

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You sure it's not the Alum Rock Road in Birmingham?

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