Can you hit a transsexual?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by edd1989, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Chin the bastard/bastardesses

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  2. Violence is not the way, and so what they spilt your pint

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  3. I really hate students, please **** OFF and never post again

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  1. Purely hypothetical of course, but i had nothing better to do and i found some Jerry Springer. On there a transsexual told their boyfriend they in actual fact use to have a twig and berries. Naturally he was a nat upset by this information and was doing all he can to get round the security and twat her/him/it.

    So i was wondering, since you can't him women what would they be classed as?
    Can you fill in a woman who was a man? Can you fill in a man who was a woman? Have i thought too much into this and should concentrate more on getting promoted at work by getting that all important 2nd star at McDonald's?

    I don't know.

  2. A kick in the kegs is clearly out. Although I wonder if you did kick one where they used to be, they'd get phantom pains?
  3. Depends how big he/she/it is........
  4. Edd,

    This is something I thought about quite a bit while watching an extremely educational Programme called big Brother, you might of heard of it. On there was a ‘lady’ called Nadia, but infact Nadia was once a holder of a twig and berries. Sheman was one of the most annoying persons ever to grace my telly, I really wanted to smack himher one. But wondered, if sheman was to hit me back could I have himher done for hitting a women. This is something I never looked into but would too appreciate a reply regarding your query.
  5. I have no patience for TV/ TSs so yes you can smack it, it's a bloke!
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Tricky one that. You could punch them in the face as hard as you could, and then say it was a retrospective slap for crimes committed as a man. Failing that, you could give them a back-hander but do it with dusters on.
  7. I also saw some of that education programme. Considering that sheman remained quite masculine even after her operations i would have no problem re-arranging her face or you sueing her for a man hitting a woman. However i am interested in what would have happened had you kick a sheman in the nads/clam. Would the nads just fall off?

  8. Depends if he/she has slipped you one up the old Marmite
  9. Not all transsexuals are blokes who become women, it does happen the other way round , all that pent up new testosterone in the system, angry formally female now with all that angry man hormone flooding round the system, yeah fill your boots, someone who has experienced pmt, monthlies and now has testosterone.... better find a regiment of gurkhas first tho ;)

    Reading that from your profile tho Edd, I'd have thought you wouldn't be fighting a lass who was formerly a fella, but more trying your arm as at the end of the day a womans a woman, and make the most of your luck being in ;)
  10. You sexist pig. The suffragettes threw themselves in front of galloping horses in order to get the vote and achieve equality. Who are you to deprive them of their inalienable right to a handy sized smack in the mouth.
    You should be ashamed of yourself. Don't worry sisters, in a show of solidarity with your cause, I'm prepared to spark out any judy who looks at me a bit funny.
    No need to thank me.
  11. I suppose they use rubber balls but they'd have to do some flap stretching to make a scrotum. I wonder what they make the willies out of?
  12. Left over ones from blokes who went the opposite way.

  13. I believe they make the willy out of tissue from the inner thigh and due to no natural erectile tissue they have to have one of their rubber gonads become a pump ( a bit like your old reeboks) to get an erection, and of course extend the urethra to be able to pee standing up.....

    Christ who let me take this to an educated level , slap me senseless please its the Naafi bar ffs, not an OU course on making your mam your dad!
  14. With a shovel.............
  15. Make no mistake i do take anything going, its just when the "honeymoon" period is over would it be well within my rights to knock it out when they thieve the duvet?

    That's not a bad idea, in support of equal rights to women i'll make sure to give the next girl i see a good slapping for "looking at me funny".
    Sandmanfez you are an inspiration to us all!