Can you help me find ex colleague of my husband?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by GunnersWifey, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. Hi

    I am trying to find an ex colleague of my husband so that I can invite him to a surprise 60th birthday party next month.

    I am looking at a picture of 55 (The Residency) Field Battery Royal Artillery which was taken at Alanbrooke Barracks in 1984.
    The person I am looking at is on the front row and shown as WOII Newton MW. I believe he is Mick or Mike.

    I think my husband last saw him about 20 years ago in Manchester

    Can anyone help with information? RAA have no contact details for him.

  2. Dependant upon his age in 1984, you might need the services of a clairvoyant.
  3. Well done the_grackle you seem to have got the fundamentals of how to post quite quickly.
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  4. Get yourself onto Facebook and ask the same question on 55 Battery's and 49 Field Regiment's pages. There's bound to be guys on there who can help you.
  5. Oh, I've been here for quite a while.
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    Not exactly a while!
  7. Edited to say
  8. Bad CO

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  9. Idiot.

  10. Unfortunately can't do that as Hubby goes on there and I don't want him to know what I'm up to!!
  11. GW, re. the 55 Bty/49 Fd Regt FB pages, might you be able to use the personal message system to contact potentially helpful members? Tell them what you've told us, swear them to secrecy and possibly organise it 'on the quiet' so to speak, without hubby finding out?
  12. Having missed his previous post am I correct in interpreting this as you have binned the_grackle, if so my apology's for having fed him by responding to his first reply.

    If he has been binned is it possible to have his "like" removed as I do not want to receive such accolades from the likes of him.
  13. pm sent with name of person to pm directly on the 55 Bty page
  14. In the hope it's not her husband!
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  15. Was that WO2 Newton a signaller? If so, was he the same WO2 Newton who commanded the Signals troop in 24 Bty in 1986?