Can you help? K2 Kayak Needed for this year's Devizes to Westminster Race

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Friar, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. We have been training for this year's Devizes to Westminster race for six months in a boat that we know is not suitable to do the race but has been giving us some great resistance training! Unfortunately we have been let down and will not be able to use a boat that we had been previously promised. Does anybody know of a fairly stable K2 Kayak out there? Perhaps one that is languishing in a store that we could Buy/ Borrow/ Rent for the race at Easter this year? Any help very gratefully received.
  2. I assume you are talking about a racing k2 i.e open cockpit. There's a couple on ebay. e.g K2 Racing Kayak | eBay
  3. If you are serving can you not get your unit to get one on loan from Loan Pools in South East England?
  4. I have been out for quite a while now so that option is out, thanks for the ebay tip. Does anybody have a contact at Loan Pools to see if they are willing to dispose of an old boat?
  5. May be able to help.

    We've got a Nelo K2 Waterman - Nelokayaks USA Touring series of K2 Waterman Fastest Sea Kayak., that we used last year for the DW. We were unable to get to grips with faster K2's and ended with a Nelo, which did us well. Bit heavier than most, but a lot more comfortable. Unfortunately, our timing last year wasn't good and we considerably overestimated river flow and started too late which meant we missed the tide at Teddington.

    Still, we have the Nelo, which we got new a month or so before the race, and haven't used it since the race. Happy to talk about selling if you're interested or loan otherwise.
  6. Another good deal for a very stable and durable double worth considering is the Ace Explorer 515. Especially if you are just doing the three day tour (Endevour Class) instead of racing straight through. You could also use it for descent races and sea kayaking. There are some army surplus. Give this chap a ring he may have a few left.

    Michael Dipple
    1 Hovefields Avenue
    SS13 1EB
    United Kingdom

    Phone: 01268 729233
    Fax: 01268 729 234

    canoeing for charity: eBay to the rescue!

    If you can balance a k2 try and get a boat with a wobble factor 4 or 5 of ebay Marsport Canoes and Kayaks - Racing K2 Marathon and Sprint Kayaks

    The Merlin was a popular choice back in the day but not terribly stable for relative newcomers.

    There is also some great advice on prep for the DW on that same Marsport website.

    Edited to add, grab a copy of Brian Greenaway's book guide to the DW. Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Marathon

    It's essential reading

    Good luck. :-D