Can you help? Children's Kung Fu

Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong place.

The nippers have been doing kung fu for a few weeks on an introductory offer, and time is fast coming to pay up again. But the school is pushing a 36 month "leadership scheme" (3hrs per week) at a "discounted" £80 per month (!) The price staggered me (aside from not being sure where we'll be over the next 3 years, nor wanting them to do as many hours as that).

I haven't a clue about how these things are normally priced. Is this really as outrageous as it seems to me? What is the usual type of deal (price, hours, flexibility)?

Anyone able to recommend any good clubs with a children's programme (in London).

Many thanks

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That seems a bit expensive - though depending on age I would suggest Shotokan or Shukokai styles rather than Kyokushin - which basically is kicking people in the thigh with your shin till they fall over.

Karate is great for kids - the chance of gaining belts etc keeps them interested and progressing.
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