Can you hear?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by offog, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. Try this and see if your work has effected what you can hear.

    After 23 years I got 12 then using headphones it went to 14.1. But the army said my work never effected my hearing.
  2. Hear what ????

  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Eh? Say again?
  4. Good to see that I still have the hearing of a teenager (17.7kHz) despite being in my late 20's. Funny how it was very selective with the ex :D
  5. My wife keeps saying I never listen, I now have proof that I just can’t hear. :D
  6. I got 14.1 on laptop speakers and on a pair of plug in desktop ones. Inconclusive really. Mind you I did burst my right eardrum on friday after an ear infection got out of control. Nasty!

    Tip:- if you've got a lot of pain in your ear that you think might be a sinus infection, get to your GP/MO right away. I went to the chemists for some decongestant. This had no effect whatever and the next day the pressure blew a hole in my eardrum. Doctor says it should heal fine but don't let it happen to you. This is a case for some antibiotics sharpish.
  7. There must be something wrong with that test. I can hear all the tones bar the last one.

  8. Im 17 and I can hear upto 19.9kHz...

  9. Ba$tards.
  10. ahahaaha!

    the last one was to catch people out!

    nice try though
  11. I'm 41 and on my lap top speakers i can hear up to and including the 15.8 tone.
  12. Can't hear a fcuking thing!
    Either my hearing's even more badly fcuked up than I thought or the audio settings on my PC are and at the moment I don't know which. Hearing was damaged by a close encounter of the 66mm kind 30ish years ago, high-frequency hearing loss, wear hearing aids. Don't let them fcuk your ears up!
  13. ahhh when i left the Army, on my final medical the doctors said my hearing was shot, and i could claim disability pension BUT if i di i wouldnt be able to get work, now this was back late 80s, so didnt know of rules regulations etc, so i said dont do it and i got passed as A1 hearing.

    Conned or what, going deaf in one ear badly.
  14. Of course you have to realise that this has got less to do with how good your ears are than it has do with what you are listening on.

    The frequency response of the average laptop speakers don't go high enough to play some of the tones. That explains why some people that tried it with headphones after trying a laptop got different results.

    The special hearing test gear in a med centre are calibrated for the specific purpose of being used for a hearing test.
  15. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Like Kahonen said, listening to it on that page is meaningless.

    I've scored very well on 2 Army hearing tests, but couldn't hear even 14.1 on headphones there. However, turning on speakers and turning the volume up, and I can hear all but the last one. I'll bet the rest of you will find the same if you fiddle around with your computer / speakers.

    You need the frequencies played at specific dB levels in a controlled silent environment to find out how good your hearing actually is.