Can you hear it? Listen ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by syledis, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. I f you listen very carefully you can hear the noise of a thousand Gypsy caravans heading to the UK from Romania and Bulgaria. And if you listen even more closely you can hear the sound of 500,000 pens filling in Benefit claim forms as they travel over by whatever means possible.We have seen nothing like the crime we are going to get in the next year, along with the begging, fraud and unrest that comes with it. Makes me F8ckin sick to see what this country has become under Bliar.
  2. Move North, away from the ports of entry my friend!
    However, is it easier to learn how to speak 15 different Eastern European languages, or Geordie??

    My edit, to add humour to this otherwise dull, and uninteresting use of 0's and 1's
  3. I live in Scotland and i am currently on a Boat in the Gulf of Mexico. I am running out of places to go!!!

    Thank you for being the authority on all that is dull and uninteresting. I suppose being a sparky you would know all about that?.
  4. Why, are they following you? Handing out benefits or something?
  5. It feels like it! A bunch of Eastern Europeans took over my local chippy and cut the fish supper down from 2 pieces of fish to 1. Unforgiveable!!!
  6. This boat of yours with frying facilities sounds interesting and i wish to learn more. However, i don't care much for the staff!
  7. There are worse places to be as we all know, and we are currently hiring.

    6 on/6 off on full pay

    paid door to door

    benefits etc

    downside...paid in dollars , lost 14% of my salary last year due to this.

    Still, mustn,t grumble!
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    You're safe! They'll go over to Dublin to visit 'relatives' on a extended stay.Travelling up to Belfast each day to beg,making about £500 a week!!!
    I kid you NOT!Happened to me,I was accosted by this 'thing' in black by a cash machine,it barely spoke English (or pretendenot to..) It was moved on by a passing copper who informed me of their scam (I did'nt give em anything anyway...)
    I later saw the same hag & others pile into a old Merc with southern plates in the same car park I waparked in.
  9. Used to see the eastern euro gypo's kids begging on the tube they'd get off at each station and move up/down the carriages. I can remember one coming on begging and going over to a few Asian girls who turned their noses up at her just like the rest of the other passengers did. Who said multiculturalism didn't work :p
  10. Y'see here's what I don't understand....

    The UK's benefit system is not particularly good.... If you had a choice, why come here?

  11. Maybe because the amount of benefit isn't the best but actually getting your hands on it is easier in the UK than say Germany?
  12. Could be, although frankly it's hardly a breeze in that respect either.
    Mind you I do think we're better at looking after large families than most places.
  13. If by "looking after" you mean "giving them loads of other People's money for free" then you are correct.

    It only seems to be difficult for middle-class people fallen on hard times to claim welfare; all manner of chav scum and various "visible ethnic minority"/immigrant groups seem to find it all too easy.
  14. Umm, not really, no. It is not easy to claim benefits in the UK, if however it is your "profession" then naturally you will accomplish it.
  15. It was easy to claim my mong allowance!