Can you guess how long I ll be sent down for yet?

Looks like he got away with the Beastiality then!

Also charged with four charges of making indecent images of a child - I never liked his drawings anyway :(
What will now happen to his famous portrait of HM?
What will now happen to his famous portrait of HM?
Not to mention the OBE. (SHOULD HE BE FOUND GUILTY)

Rolf seems to be in competition with Syria for Most Threads on the Same Subject Award 2013


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From the Beeb website:

Six offences relate to the indecent assault of a girl aged 15-16 between 1980 and 1981 and three relate to a girl aged 14 in 1986.

The indecent images of children were alleged to have been made last year.
A reasonable assumption (without discussing the specifics of this case) is that the indecent images reside on a computer hard drive. Can we expect the "they were only for research purposes" defense?

I've just checked his Wiki entry and it mentions that he has been charged!! Very quick off the mark for an old 'un. I wonder if any fellow Australians can put him up where the British authorities can't nab him?
Bugger. All my childhood heroes are falling by the wayside. Just seen on the BBC news that Rolf Harris has been replaced on the Animal Clinic TV show by Ben Fogle. Apparently it has something to do with little pussies?

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Puts a whole different slant on ' Two little boys'.
It appears to have an autobiographal title.

Of all of them he was last on my list.
Thank god you can get a football result of Five live without that idiot Hall dribbling on for 10 minutes before hand.
Although I will set aside 15 minutes for his description of a peado in nick.

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