Can you go on an Operational Tour with just 6 months service remaining?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Poppy1969, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone know if you have to sign a wavier to go on an operational tour within the last six months of service and where i would find such a document?
  2. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    At the pay office?
  3. Good luck with it, means you'll be waiving goodbye to your resettlement rights etc. But if that's what you want for 5k and a gong...
  4. Does it?

    Last bloke I know who did this had his last day extended so that he left after any resettlement had been completed.
  5. I ******* left the mob from an operational tour....cheers pusser

    No one mentioned ******* waivers...
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  6. In these days of austerity they'd rather not deploy someone who is due out as extending that person when you are trying to make cuts makes absolutely no sense, especially as they have no issue filling the roles. Obviously if an ATO or other such pinch trades I am sure it would be ok, but why deploy someone who is about to leave when you don't have to?
  7. Do you actually know anything about this subject or are you just guessing?

    Poppy (OP)

    You need to go to your RAO dept. The paperwork and knowledge is all in there. If you're unit wants to take you but your POTL runs ends within 6 months of your ROD (I think) you'll get extended, so that you can take all that is due.

    Like I said, that is what happened to a friend of mine in the last 12 months. I've just dropped him a line to see if he can help with form names etc and the full official line.
  8. I tried for an E2 appt in my last 6 mths - does that answer your question. Clearly it is a case by case basis but let the OP go and ask and we'll see who is right. Suggest you do some research instead of being offensive.

  9. I'm not being offensive.

    E2? So you applied for a job, sent your CV/app and was boarded alongside others applying for the same job and they took who they felt was the best fit? ie anyone who wasn't within 6 months of leaving.

    E1 slots within your unit on the other hand.
  10. That is correct, however, as an Ops Offr within my unit with the CO and RCMO we also selected those to go on tour based on such things as resettlement etc. It is quite a decision to extend someone when they are due out and to extend them when there is someone who could be deployed who is just as suitable.
  11. Quite right. If they asking where the waiver is, shall we assume that their CoC know what they're doing?

    As a OpsO, pow wowing with the RCMO and CO about such matters... what on earth made you apply for an E2 spot in your last 6 months?
  12. Regt Ops then on to an E2 job, I then wanted to do an E2 Ops Role as although I did Op TELIC and Op OCULUS I only conducted audits of RSOI in Afghan for the big cheese himself and wanted to do a full tour.

    All I am saying is waivers are not handed out like sweets as the military has to be seen to do the right thing - is that too hard to understand?

  13. That's a fair comment. If the unit can explaoin why they need this chap then he'll get the waiver and, yes, they are not handed out willy nilly.

    That's what you said initially though.

    Patently untrue.
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  14. Grab your clerks and get them to give you a copy of AGAIs Vol 2 Chapter 49 mate. Annex A is the certificate you're after. It's on ArmyNet if you want a look.

    Good luck.