Can you get extended leave without pay these days?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Bushmills, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. My sister's lad came back from Afghan last year and he has been a bit of a pratt since he got back and his bird has given him the heave ho.

    His dad is a bell end and not much use to man or beast.

    He is now obviously even more depressed than before.

    I am tempted to suggest that he comes over to OZ on a working holiday visa for a few months to work for me and get his head together.

    Is the Army likely to give hom leave without pay as I reckon a few months in the sun, shagging himself silly with the Aussie birds will do him the power of good.

    Is extended leave without pay an option?
  2. There is a mechanism to get leave of absence, a gap year, for want of a better expression. However, I have never seen it utilised.
  3. Yeah as above, you can apply for a career break. Only know of one person that did this, an officer and he went to Oz for a year out.
  4. It used to be advertised in the 'better in than out' leaflet, ask him to check w ith his RCMO.
  5. 'Why do you want to take a year out?'
    'So I can go to my Uncles' house in Australia, and get **** faced for 6 months'
    'Are you on glue? You can have time off for personal development not a beercall'

    Just what I heard, thats all. Don't ask don't get
    Oh and Afghan is a dog (Pedant mode)

  6. Yes, dress it up as more than a year on the lash and gash, though!

    Afghan is a perfectly acceptable abbreviation for The 'stan.
    Uncle's( pedant mode!):)
  7. OT, but isn't part of the Australian desert known as the Ghan, after the Afghans who introduced camels to the country? Think I read this in Bill Bryson's book "Down Under".
  8. That would make it Uncle is
    When people abbreviate it, it just reminds me of the arrse cartoon on YouTube of Gareth 'A STAB in the workplace'
  9. It could mean that indeed. However, it also means 'that which belongs to the uncle'. Singular possessive instead of th plural sessile that you used. I take it that Afghanistan is the only abbreviation that you dislike, noting your use of 'I'm' 'cos' and various others.
    Anyhow, enough scribbling over a serious topic.

    OP, yes he can ask for a sabbatical, but as stated before, he needs to couch it in terms that would make it sem like a worthwhile break and he can bring some life experience back and not just a dose!:)
  10. You tell them you fancy a rest and a bit of time to see the world and develop yourself... I doubt he'd go in and say, I'm about to go on a 365 day p1ss up.

    Problem is this was brought in to encourage retention, now they could just say 'sign off and have as many years as you want'.
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  11. Never underestimate the reach of the Emperor!!!
  12. Agree and with the SDR and all those redundancies about does he really want to highlight the fact, as per the amount of those who tried to hold the Army to ransom and clicked termination on JPA found out to their horror when they tried to say it was a careful what he wishes for.
  13. Glass half-full thinking: if he is not in a trade selected for redundancies then nothing to worry about. RCMO, or whatever they are flavoured this week, will/should be able to advise.
  14. Perhaps for people who put "lolz" in posts but not for normal human beings over the age of 20-odd it isn't.

    Anyway, I thought that the OP was asking about doing a Churchill & pushing off to freelance in someone else's war!
  15. Lolz u da man Plumie! Roflmao :)