Can You Fail Training?

I've heard there's simlar ADSC tests on your first few days in Phase 1 if you fail this do you get kicked outta training? and other than quitting or being a cheeky git what eles can you get kicked out or fail on?

in a nutshell what tests in phase 1 are pass or fail and go home

Your put on remedial PT which is a bastard from what i've heard.
most crows go into phase one after doing no pt after selection, they are basic fitness tests to gauge your fitness, Not something you want to fail really on your first pt lesson in the factory


Ah gone are the good old days when you started with 50 and ended up with a section, no remedial PT then, it was meet the required standard or off you trot.
If you consistantly fail important tests like APWT, PFT, CFT, WHTs etc yes you can. You will be given remedial training first and if that fails the student will backsquadded to a platoon further back in training.

If I remember correctly, it's been awhile since I was an Instructor at the ITC, there was a maximum of amount of times anyone could be backsquadded, which I think was three times before they were shown the door being considered unsuitable for Army Service.
Back squadded 3 times then you're out, usually UFAST or SNLR.
Do you have to be a real mong to be back squadded? I assume the staff try and get you through each stage before resorting to that?

The above not applying to injuries..
The_Conman said:
Bloody hell this is a negative thread. Where's the confidence! Put the graft in before you get there and you should surely be alright.
Ino m8 but im just a logical guy and i like to know 'worst case senario' ill be ready :)
You can get backsquadded for anything, failing tests, bad pt, bad admin, bad drills, injury, attitude.

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