Can you do unit PT without a PTI?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jock_sinclair, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. I've been trying to champion more PT in my small specialist TA unit. But our PTI has left with no sign of replacement, and I'm told it is illegal to do any form of PT, even a run in boots, without a qualified PTI for Health and Safety reasons. Does anyone know if there is a way round this, and where there is a rule I can point to that says we can do basic PT at TA weekends.?
  2. YOu can go and do your own PT like go for a run or tab. If anyone wants to join you of their own free will then there you go.
  3. Don't quote me on this but if you do some phys not as 'PT' but as a 'manual skills' lesson and do the whole EDIP thing eg, this is a press up, this is how you do a press up, copy me, practice for 2 mins then you don't need a PTI.

    Someone should probably second that idea though as I wouldn't want to get the guy in trouble on my own!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Why don't you volunteer for the PTI course?

  5. What you can do is get someone trained as an Endurance Training Leader. This course covers all you need to conduct training for CFTs and lasts only a couple of days (iirc one day taught theory then a bit of practice, then an assessment of your abilities on the second).
  6. The PSI's in my unit had to do a ETL course prior to their TA posting, apologies about exact title it was mentioned in passing one weekend when we had the same problem and to be honest I wasn't taking that much notice cos it was early doors :oops: The bit I do remember was that this allowed the PSI's to supervise/run the PT sessions we were having (mainly runs as per the SOPs!) without a qualified PTI being present.

  7. Totally incorrect, i think you will find any Battle exercise or lesson now that requires you to do anything that is remotely identifiable as PT (in your case that would be) then you need a qualified PTI.

    Also as far as ETL courses go and that of Obstacle course instructor etc, you are only qualified to take lessons specific to that subject, in the case of ETL (being Endurance training leader) you are only supposed to be doing build up training for CFT, again there is a lot of grey area there because any form of PT could be used as a build up there however as far as i remember its strictly limited to endurance march type training.

    My advice would be to do it off your own back with an agreement from those that want to do it, that they do it at their own risk ;)
  8. Alternatively, get the guys on parade, and do a lot of foot drill, perhaps with some rifle drill thrown in.
  9. ETL's can train in warm ups/cool downs and endurance type training such as running, or marching with webbing/bergans. However this has to be conducted as a lesson, with a lesson plan, risk assessment etc and this has to be over seen by a PTI or Unit Fitness Officer. And you usually need more than one ETL. Just done the course.
  10. Do not officers all have to do some sort of ETL thing while at Sandhurst? Or is this just regular officers?

    Just a thought.
  11. msr

    msr LE


    It's only regulars.

  12. What about sports? Can you play 5-a-side football for half an hour on a training night without a PTI?

    And then what about orienteering? Could I sell it as a map reading exercise whereby you can run if you wish.
  13. Orienteering could be run as long as they are not forced to run, you had the med cover specific to the risk assessment and the safety vehicles etc.

    The football believe it or not requires a PTI as soon as you mention that its "organised" officially, also on a technicality if it takes place on Crown property and in MOD time then you have to implement all sorts of stuff like enforcing shin pads etc if you really want to get to the nitty gritty (just to satisfy the compensation culture).

    Loads of red tape, more and more each year :(

    However, its one of them "its your call" scenarios ;)
  14. Guys,

    With regard to the ETL course, you can conduct non Technical PT, i.e. forced march training, steady state running etc. Unfortunately press-ups and the like are deemed as being technical, for some unknown reason!!!!!

    An ETL can also only conduct the above forms of PT when a qualified and in-date PTI is in the area, although the term "area" could cover quite a large area depending on your view on it.

    The best way is to get someone to go on the PTI Cl3 course. It's only a fortnight and not as bad as you would think!
  15. We use to do navigation exercise without maps, basically 4 mile run.