Can you claim MMA on posting to Germany from UK? Help please

Apologies if this has been asked before.

Basically as above I'm posted to Germany, I'm going to drive the car over and am sticking the wife and sprogs on a plane.

I've been told I can claim MMA to Birmingham Airport and then From Hannover Airport to my unit but not from my current duty station to the new one.

Is this right? :?

Oh and while I'm here.....

I have a house in England that I don't rent out is there any benefits I can claim whilst in Germany for visiting the property?



You can claim from your Old Duty Station to Birmingham, all depends where you are located too in Germany but you can only claim from Hannover, Munster or Paderborn, depends which airport is closest, to your New Duty Station.

With you house in the UK, you will not be entitled to anything as it is not in the same theatre.

Enjoy Germany!!!