Can you claim for injuries whilst i,am still serving

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by jonah1163, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. iam still serving can i claim for injuries caused by the forces ? I thought i had to wait till i left before i could claim ? please help
  2. Yes you can. Phone the AFCS and speak to them for more details.
  3. cheers , i just looked on the website, they only deal with injuries after 2005, mine are before 2005
  4. I was told that I couldn't claim until I left, then, having left was told by a Solicitor that there is a three year cut off point for personal injury claims. I just got in , in time.

    Not sure about now though as this was in the 90's but you definitely need to sort it asap.
  5. i,am still serving, there are 2 types of claims, one before 2005 which you can not do untill you leave the service, the other one is any injuries after 2005 and you can still be serving.
    As i,am having a op on both knees again in sept, I can get the form to see if i can claim , fingers crossed, the other injuries i have to wait
  6. Give the AFCS a call anyway, there is a system in place that does deal with injuries before 2005, basically it is the old war pension scheme so you may not be entitled to anything whilst still serving.

    Can you go into any more details of your injury? PM me if need be and I may be able to steer you in the right direction.
  7. Despite these schemes you are still entitled to claim for personal injuries through civil court channels as well. It has nothing to do with the MOD whether you claim or not, they cannot stop you. There is, however, a 3 year limitations on preceedings. It will not affect AFCS or War Pension Disability claims. See a lawyer.
  8. Of course we can.
  9. Yes.

    I can claim for injuries while YOU are still serving.

    Wonderful language, English.

    Perhaps you might try it one day.
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  10. AFCS will give you a lump sum as a one off payment. the old War Pension scheme (pre 2005) will give you either a lump sum (up to 19% disability) or a monthly tax free pension (20% and over). The war pension can be reassessed and increased, I was originally assessed as 20% in 2007 and last year re-graded to 40%.