Can you choose which Regiment to join?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Jono8192, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. If you joined the Royal Engineers, (currently one of my 3 choices), do you get to pick which regiment you go into?

    I like the look of 23 Engineer Regiment because of the airborne element and they are based just down the road from me.

    So, do you get any say in this?

  2. You can ask.
  3. and get fecked off at the high port.
  4. When I went through taining we got asked towards the end of phase 1 which area we would like to be posted to. IIRC it was UK north, UK south or Germany. Some idiot did try asking for cyprus, not once but twice!!

    Anyway that was a lottery as I asked for germany and ended up at Ripon. You are sent where you are needed at the time. I suspect it is much the same now.

    The only lads who got where they wanted were the ones who volunteered for 9 sqn (now part of 23) or 59 commando sqn. This was, however, if they successfully passed the required courses (pcoy - aacc). if not they had a shadow posting where they would end up at.
  5. You used to put in a preference of posting on completion of basic training listing your top 3 preferences plus 2 others. This then gets sent to Manning and Records who take a look at it and post you to somewhere you haven't listed.

    However this can back fire, if you list all the postings you don't want to go to M&R will think they have a smart arrse and post you to the shittiest of the lot.

    In answer yes you do but don't hold your breath :D
  6. their always after voluenteers to jump out of perfectly good aircraft so if that floats you boat go for it but as was said above if they don't need your trade in 23 or you fail P Coy then you revert to your shadow posting (wherever the fcuk the army needs you to go).

    Also if you just want 23 because its close to home then get that idea out your head now. I thought it would be good to be posted to my home town for my second posting and as much as I enjoyed (most) of my time at Chilwell being back home wasn't all it was cracked up to be and quite possibly the biggest mistake I've made to date.
  7. big long waiting list of lads waiting to do the jumps cse so don't be expecting jumps pay anytime soon.

    also don't be expecting to walk much past the age of 40 either, if your knees/hips make it that far.