Can you choose what regiment you join??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Rogerio, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys im thinking of joining the army but i was wondering about how it actually works. Do you get to choose what regiment you join etc like can you join the cavalry or the artillery or the infantry or do they just put you where they think you are best suited or need to be put??

  2. Your recruiter will hug you very tightly. From that s/he will deceide what regiment is best for you.

    Have you even been on the bloody army website where it explains the process for joining up?
  3. Nope but i like hugs
  4. ExDM, you've pulled! :-D
  5. Oh great, another bone question!
  6. Yes you can unless your thick then it's the infantry my friend.
  7. I think the RLC as a chef would be more applicable.
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  8. I have been in contact with the army about joining, i am a graduate but i dont have a C grade in GCSE maths so i couldnt take officer training unless i re sat my course and got my C.

    Dont really know if i fancy the infantry but i do want something combat related. Cavalry appeals to me quite a bit, gonna head over to the recruiting office this week and have a chat i think.
  9. Having looked at your profile (to see if you mention liking puppies and sweets) I notice your dad was in the Gulf (according to you). Did he never mention how to join? Or has he left your mum? Now your going to join and leave your mum as well? Your mums going to be very lonely. Does she like or hugs? Or does she prefer Cunnilingus?
  10. Pretty sure she prefers cunnilingus mate. He was in the gulf but not in the army, hes in the MOD and was on a supply ship.

    Im only asking some questions on here to see what people have to say about the army and get some info thats all chap. If you fancy a hug it can be arranged also.
  11. Send me a pair of her knickers and I'll see if she's worth a sniff or two.

    As for regiments -
    1) It's your life, do what role / trade you want to do
    2) Every bugger on here will stick up for their own regiment anyway and slag everyone else off.
  12. Yes a very good option . Lovin your work.
  13. If you like hugs, you can also try the Navy, they love that stuff

  14. Not really true though as a good 90% of arrsers are never haves and dreamers.
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  15. Ok mate nice thanks. i will see if i can get my hands on some for you.
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