Can you become an RAF pilot regardless of height?

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by The Aviator, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. I am 6'4 but I hear there are maximum height restrictions.

    Also, I have terrible eyesight. Do they ignore this if you get your eyes sorted out?

    Appreciate the feedback.
  2. If you have terrible eyesight then you may not even meet the standards for a private pilots licence and won't be able to fly commercially. If you have lazer eye surgery you still cannot fly commercially.
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  3. Is Mong Week starting early this year?
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  4. Soon be the kids holidays, can't wait.
  5. Regardless of height? - Some of their aeroplanes can go quite a long way up...... probably no place for a sufferer of vertigo.
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  6. The "a" is superfluous.
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  7. Thanks for breaking my heart. Did not know this.
  8. Too tall, piss poor eyes and a heart of glass.
    The RAF dodged a bullet there then.
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  9. Is this bloke a wind-up merchant? I mean, FFS! A blind bean-pole who expects to get something for nothing and then get's heart-broken when told he can't.

    Game's up. Who are you really?
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  10. 6 foot 4 you say? Tell us more.
  11. He's that blind he can't see that it isn't an RAF forum.....
  12. The max height was put in place because if you were over 6'3" and had to bang out you had an excellent chance of leaving your knees (and possibly the rest of you lower legs) behind.
  13. It's a student. He can't reed and he can't rite, but he can drive a trattor.

    Oh no, hang on, he can't even drive yet.
  14. Yikes. Surely that's a personal choice though? i.e it's your own fault. Fly at your peril?

    Do you think they would let a 6'4 guy fly in a total war situation? They wouldn't let Bader fly in WW2 but when war broke out he was allowed back in.