can you be reduced in rank as an officer by posting?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by static-line-pimp, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Fellas,
    heres a poser For you ,
    A friend of mine has taken up a comission in the ACF after a gap of 7 years since leaving the army.......
    he's an ex substansive Captain in the PARA REGT regular and TA has served as an ops officer on tours and has completed about 9 YEARS service
    He is taken on strength as a LT ????????? by the ACF and told he will have to wait to be promoted back to his old rank ?
    He has now been serving as a LT for 2 years in the ACF and still awaits his return to his GAZETTED RANK.................
    WHY on earth does an EX TA and Regular officer reduce in rank to join the ACF ?
  2. Because the ACF is all pretend really, and doesn't mean that much?

  3. Because ACF/CCF commissions are always only Lieutenants? Anything above Lt is only acting rank.

    Does it actually matter, out of interest?

  4. Dosn't sound right to me, surley if hes earnt his comission in the regulars when joining the ACF he should not be reduced in rank. Especially as he holds a comission.
  5. Take a gander at the ACF Manual - There is a bit in there about how and when you can get appt to Capt.

    As far as I can remember it is:
    a. Four years commissioned service in the UK Cadet forces.
    b. Two annual camps.
    c. KGVI
    d. Recommended by Commandant.

    Hope that helps

  6. I think the point I was making is he was gazetted a captain in the regular army how can the rank he held change ?
    He joins the ACF and I understand that all ACF officers are LT's with acting rank
    He is taken on strength in the rank of LT as per all ACF officers
    But his ACF rank is also LT and not captain ..........why is this ?

    scuba babe thanks for the low down on what the requirements are for an ACF captain however one would assume that attending staff college ,sandhurst,holding a regular commission and passing captains exams and being gazetted as a captain would guard against you being demoted...........
    by the way he has completed the KG6 course since joining the cadets as per the manual .
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    It's a youth organisation with volunteers assisting to run it. Why would anyone be bothered about rank. I supose if they joined the cubs you would want them to go straight to arkala? WTF does it matter.
  8. Is he being paid as a Lt then or as a Capt?!!
  9. sounds ****, and very sad, if you ask me!

    They're a bunch of Walts anyway!

  10. I believe you have answered why there, as he is no longer in the Army he is now part of a voluntary youth orgainisation.
    The title of this thread is misleading, who gets posted into the ACF 7 years after leaving the regs?

  11. The ACF is not the same as the Army. It is a youth organisation.

    Whilst I respect the fact that your friend has achieved good things whilst in the Regular Army/TA, Junior Scribblers and Captains Exams count for nothing in the ACF (apart from exemplary DW I would hope).

    Last time I looked, there weren't many triangular Battlegroups in the ACF, and we weren't sending them on OPTAG (yet).

    The rules are the rules - a Lt is deemed as the required rank for the post.

    There are enough "when I's" in the ACF as it is. If your pal is getting bent out of shape over a rank/status thing, then I would suggest that he needs to think again about his motivations in joining the ACF.
  12. Just to throw my two penneth in, aren't the commissions diffent in type for the regular/TA and ACF?

    Could this not have an effect in some way as you have described?

    Personally, I would have thought that the units CO should recognise previous service as mentioned and took the officer in question on strength in an appropriate rank accordingly.

    God forbid it should happen the other way round though. We has an ACF officer trying to exert his own special kind of leadership on our boys once, giving them a long story about how one day he could be called upon to lead them into battle. I had to explain the error of his waltish ways to him and send him on his way before he was lynched!
  13. Your title is very misleading!

    ACF Officers are 'Group B' TA Commissions, As a retired Regular or TA 'Group A' Officer he is not automatically entitled to wear his retired rank in the ACF, other than when in Mess Dress when he can with the addition of a Bullion R under his rank, he also does not have to wear ACF titles when in Mess Kit either. (This does NOT apply to retired Other Ranks as far as I know)

    It is the appointment he holds (i.e. Detachment Commander) which dictates his role in the ACF.

    I have seen retired officers wear the R instead of ACF on DPM Rank Epaulets as well mind you! But not sure if the regulations allow for this?
  14. My favourite threads are the ones that start with 'a friend of mine...'
  15. Me too. Particularly when it goes on about the "friend" discovering too late that the lovely lady he had danced with all night in Brunei was a kai tai etc etc. This is a rubbish post, chuck it in the hole.