Can you be disciplined if you are P8

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by dog2013, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. I have a freind in need, he has just been on a Occupational Heath Board and is now P8. He had outstanding Major Agai from before he was graded P8 and has asked me to advise him. I have looked at the Jsp but it seems the unit can continue with this but i can't understand how. He has done his dekit and is now doing resetlement. Can anyone help with this.
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  2. Yes, he can.

    Edited to add: The Army isn't like the Police. You can't escape disciplinary action (or Admin Action) by leaving. You can be recalled up to 6 months post discharge to face action.
  3. if i had dekitted and on resettlement, would think that the Agai is null and void,

    however I had a message from someone saying that they had left the army but still subject to army regs for a whole 6 months from leaving.

    Solicitor, and harrassment come to mind.
  4. Not the old "I have a friend" routine.......
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  5. Lol,

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  6. Gents, i have past on your coments. He also has been looking into this, he is under the impression "as i am" that you need to be in uniform to be disaplined and the six months after discharge thing does not stand if med "P8" discharged. The Jsp's are a mine field and seem to open to interpretation depending on how you read them.

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  7. Oh goody, I must remember to stick a bottle in someones face in my last couple of weeks before discharge, after all they can't touch me when I am gone ^~
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  8. Being "in uniform" means nothing. If you are still employed by the army whether you've got any kit or not and irrespective of Medical Category you can be disciplined up until the day you are no longer employed by them. The 6 months thing is in case anything comes to light that your unit were unaware of, bills or serious disciplinary matters etc.

    The regulations are not a minefield at all, they are quite clear if you read them without prejudice.
  9. Just tell the bastards they'll never take you alive.
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  10. Better still he could send them his head in the post to show he's serious.
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  11. Without giving to much away "just incase someone knows him" he is a Jnco and a good one, was put P8 for psychiatric issues, i am trying to look out for him.

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  12. You'd best tell him to get into his ******* uniform sharpish then.