Can you be discharged for sleep walking

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fattilda, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. I recently came back from a three night exercise all nights I slept walked can you be discharged for this or is it acceptable to an extent?
  2. We had a bloke sleepwalked all the time, his details were in the duty bunk, so guard will call and you gently take him back to his room, after the third time the unit bought him a pair of Unit pygamas with the duty bunk number written on it. He is still serving and a WO2 now,
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  3. 3 nights is not an exercise!
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  4. I reckon it's acceptable, but just in case you're framing a legend, you're still going to get done if you give anyone a shoeing while "sleepwalking"
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  5. As this is the NAAFI i would say you probably were not breast fed as a baby & you really want to wet the bed?
    Suggest you take a night time remedy to help you sleep and see if that works.
    Failing that don't sign out any weapons for your midnight tab!
    Oh and on the medical side this could be stress related, so a chat with the padre or MO could help.
  6. Did anyone stab you in your sleep?

    They should have.
  7. Well the thing is one night I woke up leaning on a tree in all my patrol kit, another night doing stand to meters away from my Poncho in my sleeping bag and the last night I allegedly woke up the corporal and had a conversation
  8. Was that in Band Camp?

    I'm a right fucking nasty pasty today aren't I?
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  9. Sounds like you're a Mental. Kill yourself in as dramatic a way as possible. Can I suggest waiting beneath Final Approach at RAF Coningsby and jumping head-first into the intake of a Typhoon coming in to land?
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  10. Is it PMT trouble again?

    Agnus castus – This is a herbal remedy which is used for various gynaecological problems including PMS.
    Anti-inflammatory painkillers – Can be taken to reduce joint and muscle pain.
    Calcium – Taking 1000-1200 mg of calcium per day could help to improve symptoms.
    Diuretics – Though these will be of no benefit to psychological symptoms, diuretics can help to reduce bloating and fluid retention.
    Evening primrose oil – Thought to ease breast discomfort.
    Magnesium – Taking 200-400 mg of magnesium a day during the two weeks before menstruation may help to improve symptoms.
    St John's wort – This herbal remedy has long since been used as a treatment for PMS associated mood swings.
    Vitamin B6 – Though this vitamin will be part of most everyday diets, extra amounts are associated with helping to alleviate some PMS symptoms. Experts recommend that vitamins be taken either every day, or in the two weeks before menstruation. Please note, too much vitamin B6 can actually be harmful so please ensure you are not exceeding the recommended daily dose of 10 mg.
  11. I'm too skinny to blob.

    On the plus side, I haven't had to shave my legs or armpits for about 3 years. Cos I is massive.

  12. Someone'll be along in a bit with an opinion. Nobbyd, perhaps.
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  13. I hope to fuck you're still paying attention to the clunge area!
  14. Snail suggest you try some of the advice below!

    Lather up a washcloth with some mild antibacterial soap and water. Avoid using soaps with heavy perfumes, which may irritate the sensitive skin around your vagina.

    Clean the folds around your clitoris. Use your fingers to pull your vulva away from your clitoris. Gently scrub the skin on both sides of your clitoris with the washcloth.

    Wash your vulva and your vaginal opening. Also, scrub around your bikini line.

    Scrub your perineum. The perineum is the area between your vagina and your anus. Germs can accumulate here, especially if you wipe from back to front after you have a bowel movement.

    Wash your anal area last. Keep your washcloth from touching your vaginal area after you've washed your anus. Doing this will ensure that you don't drag rectal germs toward your vaginal area. These germs can cause you to get urinary tract infections.

    Wash your vagina at least once per day. If you have sex, you may want to wash it a second time if you're worried about how your body's scent interacts with the scent of semen.

    Trim, wax or shave your pubic hair. Thick pubic hair can cause you to sweat down below, which may make you have some issues with odor.

    Stay clean during your period. Change your pad or your tampon frequently, according to the directions on the package. If you're worried about how you smell when you're having your period, you can wash your vagina 2 or 3 times a day.

    Wear cotton underwear. Breathable fabric helps to prevent vaginal odor.

    Try a reusable pantyliner The idea of reusing and washing your pantyliners may seem strange at first, but the cotton will help your vagina to breathe while absorbing any excess discharge. If you like the way they make you feel, you can graduate to reusable cotton menstrual pads or menstrual cups.
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  15. 1908489_00a23872ca_m.jpg
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