Can you be charged single and married accm at the same time?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by SFSG666, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. New to the forum so please don't savage me for asking a question my pay staff could answer; but she is less than usefull at best.

    I am in married accm but moving into single (no nobody is going to be living in the married qtr after I leave) but due to how quickly I am moving I have been told that I cannot get a march out straight away. This means that according to my clerk I will be paying for both single and married accm until it is handed over!

    I realise that housing cannot simply turn up today (like my CQMS would if it was a room in the block) and take my keys off me; but they want to do a pre-march out inspection etc and that could well be in more than a couple of weeks!

    Anyway my point is can I be charged for both? And if not where does it say it in the pay manual so I can tell my unfreindly clerk.

    Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read this; and hopefully help.
  2. I was posted last year and moved into the mess temporarily and my serving Frau remained in the quarter. I was responsible for the charges. I wasn't charged for SLA as the HR staff couldn't seem to charge me both. It may well have been down to incompetence but I was never charged twice.
  3. As I say there won't be anyone in my old quarter; it will be completely empty, clean and ready to hand back. My clerk is adamant until DHE get it back I will be charged single accm, single ciloct, married qtr charges, garage charge, and married ciloct! May sound like I being tight but I don't really want to be paying for both as it is quite expensive.
  4. As far as I understand it you can only pay for one, for example in the past I have taken over a MQ but due to similar circumstances about handover of old MQ for a few weeks later only paid for the new MQ. I realise yours is slightly different scenario as ones a MQ and the other is SLA so i would get letters from DHE stating that there will be a delay in hand over due to lack of appointment which will hopefully help your case and hopefully one of the paper clip gurus will be able to get you chapter and verse or speak with Welfare/Housing Officer who would better advise.
  5. My understanding has always been that you can only be charged for one at a time. I would expect it to be whichever is the more expensive rate.
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    That's what I'd expect, too. Pay for the quarter till hand-over plus whatever food charges come your way. The answer should lie deep in JSP 754.

    (That is, if the MQ is unoccupied and common sense applies.)
  7. I'm in a similar situation (handing a quarter over and moving into the block until I move into my own house) and I was told by the SQMS and the Clerks you only pay for the house as long as you have it. You then inform the Clerks when you've handed over and they move you onto paying the block rate.
  8. So is my clerk right or not then? It seems quite ambiguous; but does it actually say anywhere that you can only pay for one at a time?
  9. You will pay only for the quarter until your handover date and then SLA after handover. The system will not allow you to be charged for two lots of accom.
  10. Although not related in this case, should you live in a quarter and suffer a marital breakdown, I believe you can have up to 90 days free in SLA to get away from the wife/husband.
  11. But if you are the SFA licence holder you still pay the 90 days for SFA, after 90 days the estranged spouse is tresspassing.

    In line with the original question you pay for one lot of accommodation.
  12. Thanks guys/girls anyone have an idea where in the pay manual it actually says you can only pay one at a time? Thanks again.
  13. You'll pay for the SFA until such time as it is unoccupied (marched out of), when you will start to pay for the SLA you will be living in.

    Is there any reason why you can't stay on the quarter and only move into the block once you have marched out?
  14. I am not changing P stat, I am still very happily married; my predicament is that I am moving out of sfa into sla on a posting and dhe can't instantly takeover my sfa so I will be charged for both until they take it over which could be around 3 weeks! So I have to pay close to 300 rent and ciloct for a completely empty house whilst at the same time getting charged single accm charge.
  15. You won't be charged for both. The system will only charge you for the house until you hand it back. As several people have already told you.