Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Fifth_Columnist, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. My brother-in-law, always keen to try new things, has run the gamut of 'experience days (you know, the 'Drive an Aston Martin', 'Day of Falconry' type thing) and has expressed an interest in having a go at full-bore shooting. I have tried a quick Google, but didn't really come up with anything other than the NRA, whose site seems to assume that you have a firearms certificate, own a rifle, or at the very least that you want to join a club. Given the number of shooters who have contributed to various threads, I thought I would throw myself at your feet for advice - so, does anyone know if you can book a 'full-bore shooting experience', preferably not a million miles from Swindon?
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  3. For Target Shooting you have to either join a Home Office Approved Club or visit one on one of its Guest days (12 allowed per year). To be eligible to attend a guest day you must either be known to a member of that club or part of an organised group such as Rotary Club, Scouts, WI, etc.

    Failing that, the NRA runs two open days a year at Bisley and one at ALtcar (near Liverpool).

    As far as say, Deer stalking is concerned, it is somewhat easier, you can just book some deerstalking and training with a Stalker (guide) and he will show you how to use the rifle, and take you stalking. Ugly might be able to help out with this.

    Best bet in my opinion is to join a local rifle club, learn to shoot, get your own gats and then take up deerstalking etc.

    Hope this helps.
  4. I've seen an advert for a place in Brittany, unfortunately can't remember the name. It's a gun centre run by two people who claim to be ex Marine commando. you can fire a range of pistols, glock, sig etc a selection of rifles from AK to armalite and FN and a few shotguns also. Been tempted to pop over for a cabby.
  5. Yup, the NRA run open days a couple of times a year. You have to register in advance, so that they can check you out with plod. You go, you buy some tickets and you can try just about everything. It's at Bisley, so about 45 mins to an hour away from Swindon.

    Next one is being held on 13 Sep.

    NRA Open Day (National Shooting Centre (NSC), Bisley)
    The NSC is hosting, on behalf of the NRA, another series of pre ticketed Open Day events. Visitors will be able to try shotgun, archery, air rifle, fullbore rifle, sporting rifle, laser clays, precision snap, practical and historical rifles to name but a few, all with one-to-one coaching.

    Age restrictions will apply to children under 14 years of age for some shooting activities and all children (under the age of 16) must be accompanied by an adult. All visitors wishing to shoot must pre purchase tickets (Registration is £8 for adults and £4 for 10-14 years of age, vouchers are sold in £10 books with a maximum purchase of £20 per person) via the internet or in advance by telephone. Everyone who is registered must also produce a form of ID in order to collect their tickets on the day. The vouchers purchased at the time of registration can then be redeemed at any of the activities.

    If you want more gen, pm me.
  6. Thanks very much all, very helpful - I will pass this on to my sister who can arrange it for his birthday!
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    Easy enough to arrange a sporting rifle do, pm me for details.