Can you appeal CO's decision to discharge a soldier?

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Lazarus135, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. Some time ago a friend of mine got into a dispute with two civvy police officers. He was caught drink driving and tried to run away from the coppers.

    The coppers rugby tackled him to the floor and charged him.

    The Police have now said he assaulted them and the charge has gone through the chain in his unit.

    He had been sentenced in a civvy court, but now his CO has told him he'll be discharged for the offence.

    Can he do anything about this?
  2. Seriously?
  3. Get his CV sorted out and see how he's going to get round the bit 'convicted of assaulting a police officer' if he wants any job with any kind of security check?

    Because the chances of the Army keeping someone convicted of something like that when we're in the middle of such huge cuts are ******* zero.
  4. There's your first mistake.
    Second, third and fourth.

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  5. "Can you appeal........"

    No more than you can a law of nature.
    For example, get him to jump off something really high & then 'appeal' that which gravity is about to do to him.

    I dunno, kids these days...............
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  6. Unfortunatley, he's needs to man **** up, accept that he was/is in the shite, take it in his stride & learn the hard lesson that accompanies it and move on......!
  7. Fair one
  8. .........................A very good friend was killed because of the actions of a twat who had been drink driving!

    I really hope that he is discharged.

    **** him!
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  9. Start acting like a grown up maybe?
  10. Start walking?
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  11. I think the CO is absolutly correct... and I only read as far as 'caught drink driving'.
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  12. We had a chap who had just come off a ban for drink driving who was once again caught for drink driving. He asked for a day off so he could meet his lawyer which was granted, it transpired later on in the day he was attending court for having been caught drink earlier on and he had told nobody, so whilst waiting a court date for his drink driving case he was once again caught drink driving.
  13. If he received a custodial sentence (even of one day) then he will be discharged from the Army. There is no appeal process, (s)he's outta here!
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  14. Of course he can appeal. To the RSM,"Sir I challenge you to naked roll mats to the death."
    Standard in my Corps to resolve any dispute
  15. The members of ARRSE and turning into a bunch of namby pamby, fluffy liberals!!!! ;-)