can you appeal against a medical discharge during basic

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gentlegiant1965, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. My stepson is being medically discharged having only been at Pirbright for a little over a week, They are saying that his knee's don't line up properly.

    I am ex Army myself and have never been confronted with this before. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanx Guys n Gals!!
  2. He´s got freaky knees, although I notice you distance yourself from anyblame :)

    Simple fact of the matter, probably not.

    What would you prefer, he is discharged or he is kept in and probably can´t walk after he is 25?

    Before he leaves, he should consult with the doc about anything can do... possibly some rehab or similar may sort his knees out and he can remount.
  3. I knew of somebody who transferred from a Light Div regiment to another regiment because Light Div drill was causing them shin splints whilst in training.

    What's he joining? If it's worries because of drill causing damage etc (do the guards train at Pirbright now?) , maybe he should speak to the doctor & see if there's another option for him?
  4. Guards train at Catterick, with the restof CIC.

    Transferred FROM Light Div due to drill..... That´s a new one.

    The drill may be faster, but I always found Light-Rifle-Gurkha Drill to be quite easy on the body. In comparision to the Heavy Prussian Drill of hte rest of the Army.

    No foot stamping, no arm swinging shoulder high, no long periods of standng to attention. Quick march at 140, Double at 180.

    Sure he´s not talking bollox about the shin splints? Why wouldn´t he get them in a heavy regt, doing normal running etc?
  5. I have to wonder why was this not picked up at the initial medical at the selection stage, and how it has been raised as an issue at such an early stage. By that I mean such a condition would surely only produce negative effects over a period of time greater than 1 week (assuming effects were not already present).

    I would say, and this is in no way personal as I don't know you or your step-son, that there is a chance that he is a tad homesick but does not really want to discuss it.

    Obviously you will know if that is true or not, but I have encountered that scenario before with several young lads and only bring it up as something to consider.

    As an answer to the original question - no.
  6. First off i'm not sure how it could be my fault, according to the MO its the way he was born! At his initial medical the Mo said that it was'nt a problem, he's never had knee trouble before and has both played Football and ran for the county!

    He was joining the Army Air Corps , it was 100% his descision and he "claims" to be gutted that he's being medically discharged.
    I am no longer with his Mum and she totally molly coddles her sons, so I would not be to surprised if he found it hard going but would be surprised if he quit especially at this stage i.e the beginning!!

    He's a good lad and has dreamed off this ever since I've known him and before!!

    Thank You for your replies and help!!
  7. What i sthe reason given? He should be able to ask what would happen if he stayed in? ie Kneecaps falling off or something.

    Must admit it is early for homesickness....
  8. I think most parents are unfortunately the last people to find out why little Johnny decided to leave the Army during basic, and in truth an awful lot discharge for some spurious reason other than the fact that they are actually homesick.

    I have seen numerous discharge reports whereby recruits have been discharged within a week or so of attending for Phase 1, and in most cases (apart from where it specifices a definite medical discharge) it details homseickness as a major factor.

    Before they were given 4 weeks to settle and adjust, now if they think there is a risk to the individual or the training platoon they will endeavour to discharge sooner rather than later.

    On the surface of things it seems to me that this is a simple homesickness case, however i have also seen people pass a medical at ADSC, turn up for training and then fail the initial medical, i have also seen someone pass a medical at one ADSC and then subsequently fail at another (having moved their application to another area of the UK).

    That then suggests that medicals are subjective and left to the discretion of the MO as you would expect, but it isnt to say it can't be appealed.

    In due course a discharge certificate will be generated to the ACIO/AFCO where he attested and on it will be advice for the recruiting staff as to whether or not a re-enlistment can take place, even if that does not give a recommendation it can still be challenged and taken up with Occ Med.

    But as i started with, parents are normally the last people to find out why their kids discharge, probably and understandibly through embarrassment i imagine :)
  9. We had one try to go AWOL within 4 hours of arriving at ATR, all that had happened was he'd been given a bedspace and a meal in the cookhouse. Thinking about it, it was probably the meal that tipped him over the edge.
    To have managed a week is impressive in some cases.
  10. When potential recruits attend a medical at ADSC it is very basic. When they arrive at the ATR the medical is much more thorough and they would have picked up the issues with your son's knees. He will have been discharged as a Defect on the Enlistment process (DOE) which means he has been found to be unsuitable. He may not have declared his bad knees, or the doc may not have noticed it. It's likely he complained they hurt after the initial fitness test and during the medical the doc said no. It happens quite often.
  11. How long does it take to be medically discharged and returned to civvvy street?
    Because he's still at Pirbright and still doing Basic training and I'm smelling a rat somewhere!!
  12. How long is a piece of string?

    It depends on the medical board and whether or not they are currently undergoing any treatment etc.

    Generally it can be weeks to months, however if you smell a rat why dont you just ring his platoon commander and find out direct what is supposed to be happening :)

    As i have said, parents are generally the last to find out the true reason for a discharge from basic training, i see it all the time ;)
  13. having spent 7 years as medical staff at various ATR's it sounds to me as though he's quit.

    sorry to be blunt but hey ho, I've listened to the sob stories many times, and when the rest of the troop or platoon are asked about things they have always ( near as damn it ) told me that the recruit just did not want to go through phase one training.

    being fair, soldiering is not for everyone, it must be difficult to tell ex squaddy dad that he couldn't hack it even as a jacket !!!

    regards et al
  14. i would say an appeal would be unsuccesful in answer to other questions posed we dont let them go untill theyve given us 4 weeks homesick or not
  15. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Will he have a Knee,s Up or just a normal leaving do!