Can you appeal againsnt a JPA audit.

I am currently away from my unit at the minute, but have had a phone call from work, asking me to get in touch with the RAO ASAP, to discuss paying back money on a claim I have made. I reckon it must be the IE claim I submited some months ago, but was 'randomly' selected for audit. I handed in all paperwork relating to the claim, and was told to wait out. I can see from my JPA account that the 'Audit' on the claim has been completed, but it doesnt state to what outcome.

My question is 'If it is the case that they want the money back, can I appeal against the decision as I believe I am entitled to it?

After all are we not our own clerks in this age of JPA, and the way I read the rules I am entitled, also the Admin staff I have spoken to at this location agree with me.

Cheers for any info.
RAPC it doesn't matter how the claim was picked, if the auditor believes he was not entitled he is mandated to seek the money's return.

big un, if your auditor believes you were not entitled, then write to him/her explaining why you think you were entitled(quote the para from the JSP), but remember the rules are very complicated and you may not be the technical expert that the Auditor should be.

If he/she still rules against you, then repay the claim and if you still believe that you were entitled write a case to the JPA PACC in Glasgow, they will make the utlimate ruling if necessary.

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