can you answer this question

It has been a while since since you have been in the NAFFI i'd stick to officers mess. Come down with the Orderley Sgt, to close it down it might enlighten you. I am sure there will be few troops who could give you demo... Three man lift ring any bells?


3 man lift i know. mexican bumwank is a new term to me even after 17 years :)

but then a couple of years ago i met someone who had done about 25 years but did not know the origin of "egg banjo" lol
It was called in my battalion as a bum head. It isd adisgusting act that I have carried out alot of times. IT LEAVES THE VICTIM CONFUESSED SICK AGGRESIVE AND EXCITED sometimes sexually. The arse on the face and the rubbing of the rickker over the nose is one of the most hillarious things i HAVE SEEN IN MY LIFE. Another funny thing is a mexican poo tash.


aaah, just a terminology thing then. saw an RGJ cpl do it to one of our platoon during basic in 1990 - daft twat graduate went to his doss bag a bit early during a bbq at the end of an exercise.

last words heard as bum descended were "ooh, you've got a tattoo on your arse corporal!"
but no ones clever enough to answer it not even Norris knows!
just click on the blue it - bit works fine for me


Mexicam Bum W*nk or Mexicam Arsse W*nk was I think a Gunner thing. It was usually reserved for new Officers or OR's on their first trip to Batus. After a couple of weeks on the Prairie in baking heat and no washing, it was performed in our unit by a particularly ugly little spud of a smelly Gun Bunny who's name escapes me.

It always occurred on the second Maintenance Day prior to the mobile shower unit appearing. The victims would be staked out and the assailant would drop his trousers and straddle the victims face (like squatting for a dump) if they struggled the head was held still by the lads. The arssehole was strategically placed on the victims nose/mouth then vigourous rubbing to and fro ensued to ensure maximum coverage. A sort of Mega Skiff if you like, bearing in mind the lack of hygiene after a length of time on the prairie this looked horrific.

I seen many a man throwing his guts up after one of these.

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