Can wounded soldiers return to Afghan?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FR_Trooper, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. I heard recently that a guy from 3 SCOTS had lost a leg below the knee and was hoping to return to Afghan with the battalion next tour once he got used to his new leg......would he be allowed to fight on the frontline or would he be stuck in bastion?
  2. A lot of lads with amputations have returned to Afghanistan. They do sedentary jobs, storeman and the like in Bastion. Lads with brain injuries as severe as your's though, just prefer to sit quietly in a darkened room using a head dobber to ask bone questions on an internet forum.

  3. Class!
  4. what the **** is wrong with asking?
  5. 'head dobber'...........fcuking laughed my tits off, i thought they were called 'spas- sticks' Dya see what i did there?
  6. Nothing wrong with asking but that was a pretty funny answer, especially coming from 5A - he usually just snaps back with dull abuse.....
  7. ............normally to fat, dull, no-marks who are going through a mid-life guilt complex for having never deployed.
  8. if that is a dig at me in 16 so im hardly mid life and im too young to deploy!

    if not.........My Bad 8)
  9. Your bad.
  10. Nah, he's having his customary pop at me. Joining up again with the intent of deploying is a bad thing in 5A's mind. I should have made a war happen whilst I was in last time so that I could have deployed on it.... :roll:
  11. FR_Trooper.... You really are in the wrong place mush! You've made 35 posts and at least 35 of them have been fekkin' bone! Do yourself a favour and stick to Farcebook or twatter.
  12. Jesus, you self-pitying fool.
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  14. FR Trooper - Why are you called FR Trooper?
  15. No answer came the loud reply!!!!!

    Hoi CW! Ref PM.... where's me postcode?