Can women really Multi task?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sapper007, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. After an in depth survey at my humble residence, I have come up with the conclusion that Mrs Sapper can not or will not multi task at home, even though at work her job is to organise a number of directors lives for them all at once, then when asked 'why did you do that?' or not as the case usually is, the answer is always ' beacause YOU.......' blar blar

    I was just wondering if any other Arrse's have had similar problems and if they had managed to find a suitable solution to this.
    I was always under the impression that woman were multi skilled at all times, even when sleeping.
  2. Men are much better at multi tasking.

    I can look at porn on the internet, wnak off and talk to my girlfriend on the phone at the same time.

    Now that's multi-tasking!

    Are you sure this topic shouldn't be in the NAAFI?

  3. Whereas your girlfriend is probably doing the ironing and the shopping list, talking to her retarded boyfriend AND getting gang fcuked by 1 para, while allowing you to think that you're the best shes ever had - THATS multitasking! :)
  4. “Multitasking” is just a feeble female attempt to make a virtue out of a failing – the inability to concentrate on a job until it’s completed without getting distracted and wandering off to do something else, leaving the original job unfinished.

    Women multitask in the same way Microsoft software multitasks: everything gets done slowly, most things get done badly and some things don’t get done at all.

    Doing more than one job at the same time is a different matter. That’s a male skill, and we do it well! :D

    Chinggis stands by for incoming from our female members .....
  5. women can multi task, but if you want any of the multiple tasks doing properly get a bloke to do it in his own time.
  6. Ah, that explains it. Starch, my arrse!
  7. Yes Lads we can !! We just chose not too @ times , its called selective hearing.

    Try banging out food for 400 hungry juniors day after day and then tell me women cant multi- task !! :twisted:
  8. My wife can simultaneously moan & nag at the same time; does that qualify?
  9. no thats called constructive critism. wife "nagging" Vs RSM screamingat u ??? u choose
  10. How about her backing her new car into mine and saying its coz i parked to close to her... eh!!!! hows that one work then?
  11. plus i was 20 miles away at the time on a train
  12. ever seen a woman walk and eat a kebab at the same time?

    have you fcuk!!

    its physically impossible for thier feeble brains.
  13. totally your fault ! You obviously distracted her.
  14. I'll take the wife - having make up sex with the RSM isn't very appealing, I've heard he's a giver too.
  15. Ah well cant account for the fact u parked ur car in the wrong place !!! Stupid of you.

    ever seen a woman walk and eat a kebab at the same time? _ Y eat kebabs dont you know there made of dead MPGS dogs ...................

    have you fcuk!!

    its physically impossible for thier feeble brains.