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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by semper, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. can we stop all the bitching and moaning about Cadets, ACF and Adult Instructor for a change and try to put down any positive strories and incidents in this thread that occured, either while a Reg/TA or even as OTC , ex serving etc that you have observed, experienced or heard about. :)
  2. well, this one time, at annual camp...
  3. im breaking the popcorn out :)

  4. What exactly do you mean by "or even as OTC" ?


    Actually in all honesty, certainly round here the OTC work a lot more with the ACF than the TA, and work quite a lot with the CTT over the summer. So I'd be as bold to say that the OTC probably have more stories to tell
  5. yeah... I missed that... "even otc"????? the finest that britain has to offer!! the officers of the future!!! those stirling students that sacrifice two weekends a month to her majesty and you refer to them as "only"???

    :p :p :p
  6. I remember hearing a story about a couple of 18yr old cadet girls who spent their annual camp selling sexual favours to squaddies for £5 a go :D

    They were caught when a SNCO happened to be walking by as a line was forming outside their hut.

    Positive enough for you ? :D
  7. If only I had a time machine and a twenty pound note.....ahhh....
  8. i think you made the wrong turning , the NAFFI bar is over there
  9. Positive stuff? Most of my cadet experience really, running around camed up with an LSW at the age of 16, or going away with the TA to use the SA80 with them was pretty awesome. Getting two weeks off somewhere in the summerand actually do something with my summer holiday. And most importantly, a free seven week trip to Canada to do nothing but rock climbing, canoeing and other such fun activities. And if it wasn't for the ACF, I wouldn't be going to Sandhurst. I don't think I ever made a better choice than joining the ACF
  10. I think you missed the point, this thread is for Regs/TA to share their good experiences of the ACF..not for ACF to share their good experiences of the ACF ;)

    I've got a good experience, every year on annaul camp H&SY pay for us all to go to the mess do as a thankyou for our help, good stuff ! 8)
  11. Ok, fair enough. But in two days I'll be a reg! Have to say on the ACF side, it's great to have TA and Reg help on the camps, it makes things work so much better.
  12. In two days I wouldn't tell your Colour that you're a reg hehe 8)
  13. While helping out at a ACF Military Skills competition I must admit some of the older cadets involved look like they could have fitted comfortably in to a section of reg soldiers really well. There section battle drills were pretty crisp. In balance there was some pretty pathetic efforts as well :wink:
  14. my memory of that acf comp was an aberdonian getting far to drunk and confusing where the toilet was. On the plus side Angus acf were mega, they were the only team to sprint with me the whole lenght of the march and shoot. I was wearing a tee-shirt, gay lumo vest and boots. They had full cefo and gats...and they had just beat the best time on the assault course by two minutes. I have a vague recolection of one of them wearing para wings, are they genuine???
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Here's one,A cadet at camp 2 years back got voted best improved cadet unanamously by all the A.I's & he was as pleased as punch to get it.Considering both his parents are drunks & his older brother is a druggie,he's turning out well! He intends to join up asap.
    Good luck to him! He'el make a good'un!