Can we trust AUTOCAR ?!

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by RCT(V), Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. Can we trust AUTOCAR (1)

    A couple of months ago within the road test, there was the diagrammatic representation of the Porsche mechanical layout - that showed a rear-engine that should have been a mid-engine . . . or visa-versa.

    Can we trust AUTOCAR (2)

    Last week, we had the “authoritative” news item of a V12 engined Aston Martin Cygnet “town car”. (Something that has yet to be addressed by the magazine !).

    Can we trust AUTOCAR (3)

    Within this week’s issue (dated 31 OCTOBER 2012), there is a quite complimentary road test of the new Jaguar XF “Sportbrake” estate car (pages 58-65).

    However, within the diagrammatic representation of the “Sportbrake” mechanical layout, is shown . . .

    + “conventional” steel coil-spring rear suspension . . . it should be rear air-spring across the range !!

    + a straight-six diesel engine . . . it should be a V-6 !!

    If they cannot get this right, can we trust the rest of the magazine?

    It won’t be me, but does someone wish to volunteer to double check every week, the price tabulations, the performance data, etc. ?! :grin:

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  2. Does anyone actually read that thing? I've given up on mainstream automags from way back - I trust online sites more that most of these.

    p.s: I don't know much about Brit car mags apart from Top Gear.
  3. Not wholly intending to divert your thread so early on, but in a similar vein: was anybody on here interested enough to watch that dross recently on Channel 5: Classic Car Rescue | Channel 5 in which they 'bought' and 'restored' a Mini, and later had it 'valued'. I thought it was utter crap, and wouldn't trust it as far as I could throw it. Am I alone in this?
  4. Dunno about the mini? but I would gladly punch out that cockney wankar bernie,
    btw that minis grille wasn't lined up properly, also sorry for thread diversion ..
  5. ..and the MGB episode clearly had 2 different cars. The second one had the indicator/sidelight units on upside down. It's a put up job for tv, that programme. My missus is a petrolhead, and was close to chucking one of her shoes at the telly when the Jaguar E Type episode was on.

    And no, we can't trust Autocar - it's been rubbish for as long as I can remember. CAR is boring these days, and full of spelling errors. Strangely, I reckon the Top Gear mag is about the best.
  6. MGB? A morris Marina in drag for gayers who couldn't handle a proper sports car.

    < Triumph Vitesse convertible - proper Blokey sports car.
  7. How The blethering **** could the MGB be a Marina in drag?

    MGB launched 1962

    Morris Marina launched 1971
  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I seem to remember a mates brother doing something involving a marina, lots of bits and ending up with an mgb, just like you can turn a beetle into a porche lookylikey which someone else I know is trying to do.

    mind you 98% of the original vehicle is thrown away in the process
  9. Fixed for you.

    The big advantage of a Marina over an MGB?
    They rusted away faster.
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  10. Pretty much ALL Brit cars rusted, except for aluminum bodied defenders. :)
  11. At least they could go round ******* corners.

    And it's 'Aluminium' :)
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  12. Your post inferred that the MGB was based on a Marina, as in DB7=XJ-S in drag, but I see what you mean.

    MGB's can rust in a very impressive manner! There's just more of them left because people with flat caps and nose hair keep welding them up. God knows why, the MGB is a terrible car, even the V8 one.

    And the Herald Vitesse is an woman's car - wobbles about like a big pair of tits.
  13. I suppose you remember Datsun cars coming to the UK that were rusting through whole panels within a year. Oh and Aluminium corrodes.
  14. Do they ****, but as you have a thing about austin morris cars, you've presumably no experience of a performance car ;P

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  15. Yeah, but if it wasn't for the Japs we'd still have an oval-shaped bit of plastic stuck to the back window for a 'demister', we'd still have to twist the distributor round a bit to get started on cold mornings, and we'd probably still be paying extra for a 4-speed box.
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