Can we trust AUTOCAR ?!

Can we trust AUTOCAR (1)

A couple of months ago within the road test, there was the diagrammatic representation of the Porsche mechanical layout - that showed a rear-engine that should have been a mid-engine . . . or visa-versa.

Can we trust AUTOCAR (2)

Last week, we had the “authoritative” news item of a V12 engined Aston Martin Cygnet “town car”. (Something that has yet to be addressed by the magazine !).

Can we trust AUTOCAR (3)

Within this week’s issue (dated 31 OCTOBER 2012), there is a quite complimentary road test of the new Jaguar XF “Sportbrake” estate car (pages 58-65).

However, within the diagrammatic representation of the “Sportbrake” mechanical layout, is shown . . .

+ “conventional” steel coil-spring rear suspension . . . it should be rear air-spring - across the range !!

+ a straight-six diesel engine . . . it should be a V-6 !!

If they cannot get this right, can we trust the rest of the magazine?

It won’t be me, but does someone wish to volunteer to double check every week, the price tabulations, the performance data, etc. ?! :grin:

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