Can We travel To Hong Kong

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by doocati2, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. Can we travel to Hong Kong even though it is part of China now???

  2. "Can we". Depends who you mean.

    "Travel to Hong Kong". Apparently, yes.

    "Even though its part of China". Observantly correct.

    Ask a stupid question and I'm sure you'll get several apt replies. :D
  3. Thanks, I have no access to JSP at the moment to reference.
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    Feck me TLF. You have only been a member of Arrse since 16 August yet you feel superior enough to gob off at a newbie. Shame on you. Would not have happened in my day! :lick: :worship:

  5. Thats because in your day, the most advanced discovery was fire.

    You not dead yet you old dribbling bottom toucher?
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    'course I'm dead. Drop dead gorgeous :censored:
  7. I was there earlier this year. I was surprised to see that the US Navy still had a recreational facility there, Fenwick Pier, so it would appear that they still visit.
  8. Although the Chinese make it as difficult as possible for them to do so. They recently left their decision so late that a carrier (the name of which escapes me) had to turn for home lest it get caught in a typhoon! Pretty much as soon as it had done so, it received permission to dock.

    As for visiting. I believe you are supposed to request permission to visit up to 6 months in advance as it is part of China.
    However if you
    a) don't take your military ID with you,
    b) don't get arrested/cause a diplomatic incident,
    c) don't mention that you are british forces,
    d) don't tell your CoC,
    then who is to know? Obviously I don't condone part d.
  9. All well and good until you get caught out for something minor then you'll be in a world of hurt if you return. Nowt like causing a major diplomatic incident just to shag a ladyboy/buy a cheap LCD TV.

    And the Chinkies would be well within their rights to have you shot as a spy. :roll:
  10. Yes you can travel to HK - ask your Unit Security Officer or the local Security Section. You will have to apply for clearance to go but it usually involves no more than filling out a form.
  11. There are I believe 2 lists nowadays. One you need clearance to go to i.e. Russia and others that are of significant interest. Not sure which one Honkers falls into.

    To make sure you get current advice check with your MI Section.

  12. Just been and got back 2 weeks ago. No dramas with the form, got it from the Regtl Adjt. I put it in about a month before. Like as said before, leave your id card behind etc. Hong Kong is ok, but Shenzen across the border is a shoithole. Dont bother getting your Visas here for China, they are only about HK$10 there.
  13. Quite a few of our Nepalese soldiers go back there on leave and they have never had any dramas.