Can we talk about boots ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ancient, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. I am with a sigs T A unit , we recently had requests for volunteers ( I know , never volunteer ) , to get involved in some distance marching competitions , and like a fool I put my hand up . The question is this ; If I dont want to do this in issue boots , which are the best boots to get for a budget of about £ 80 ? I've asked in the bar but cant get a straight answer . I do hear a lot of unreliable " advice " from people who are not involved in this sort of activity and would apreciate any advice from those out there who do this sort of thing a lot . Thanks .
  2. Matterhorn boots, with arctic warfare socks on, are great for tabbing long distances in ;)
  3. Altberg, enough said.
  4. Lowas best boots ever had
  5. We had some medical people along on an exercise in Scotland once. Apart from them finding out that tabbing up and down hills in Scotland in full kit with a bergan on takes the same stamina as a Tour de France cyclist they discovered something else.
    They found that if you wear Matterhorns or Lowa mountain boots and arctic socks or the like; and it isn't freezing your bollocks off, the temperature in your boots can actually get pretty close the boiling point. Literally.
    The found temperatures in the high 80 degrees Celcius in some lads' boots.

    So; wear thick socks, but not warm ones, when doing long distance marching. Good insoles are a better proposition than thick socks.
  6. Army insurance doesn't cover you if you wear non issue kit
  7. 'twas meant in Jest:)

    I'd get some "Moleskin" from a pharmacy, and tape your feet up, plenty of talc too!
  8. I have a pair of Lowas which are great cross country, but I'm not sure how good they are on road.

    For CFT (8 mile)purposes I've been using issue boots, with two pairs of Bridgedale socks, one thin inner pair, and a thicker trekking pair over those. Combine that with some Zinc oxide tape on any likely blister points, and Robert's your mother's brother.

    My Mate has done Nijmegen 6 or so times using this combination and swears by it.
  9. 4th, same as me.

    Issue boots, one pair of thin school-type ankle socks, and one pair of issued socks, and tape the contact points.

    Ive never seen the appeal of all these Gucci boots to be honest, the issue ones have always done me just fine.

    brand spanking new pair of pro boots 65 quid plus 8 quid delivery to your door boots are your for 73 quid.

    Pro boots are army issue and i believe you should then still be covered by army insurance.

    *stands by to be corrected*

    also i know that pair is a 10 M but if you look you will find other sizes.

    if not a guy in louth owns a shop called GI surpluss he sells second hand pro boots for 35 quid (used but still servicable).

    Pro boots are very good boots gortex and very light.
  11. Thousand Mile Socks with a thick pair over them.
  12. I would recommed not to get gortex boots as they make your feet over heat, and take longer to dry out.

    All the boots listed above are the makes to go for.

    Try Dragon Supplies for boots as they supply the guys in 16AA who are about to go on P Coy. And they do mail order as well.

    Dragon Supplies

    I hope this helps.

  13. 1000 mile socks, the thick type and proboots with a double strike sorbathane insole, plenty of talc, dont use zinc tape (its a fad). got me through the most gruelling stuff.

    look after your trotters and you will be fine, as soon as your feet are wet-sore-fcuked you will be fcuked.

    If you can spend as money as you can afford.
  14. I went fot the Altberg Jungle boot - they've been great so far!
  15. What's wrong with DMS (if you can get them)?
    Every step I took on duty was in DMS, be it PT, BFT, CFT, exercise, ops or just tossing about in camp.