Can we still "Buy British"?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LordVonHarley, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. When I was a kid I would go shopping with my dear old Gran who would always say the mantra "You should always buy British", to her "Made in Britain" was a gold seal of quality.
    It's all gone pair shaped now, can we still "buy British"?
  2. What do you mean? What do you want to buy? Many things are made in Britain. Some of them are even quite good.
  3. So called British companies maybe,but almost guaranteed that any item
    is produced in Eastern Europe.
  4. "British is Best" still applies with food.

    Mmmmm, stilton *drools*...
  5. You gran clearly never drove a Morris Marina.
  6. I've yet to see a foreign-grown Russet. So far it's been a well-kept secret, it seems.
  7. Thank fully we are still good at food but it is cheaper for things to be grown over seas and shipped. It's crazy. It must be better for the economy and environment to by local or GB made products.
  8. British is best but the question was can you actually find anything that is 100% British made?

    Even some Stilton contains foriegn rennet and the bacteria which make it blue is called "penicillium roqueforti" so thats fcking French!

    Nothing is sacred anymore :crying:
  9. I did, a Morris Marina TC Coupe, until it got wrapped around one of those most British of objects, a Royal Mail van !!!!!!!
  10. Our cheese comes out blue though, compared to the French version, which comes out green.
  11. Food only has to be packed in Britain to get the Made in Britain mark (EU law of course).
  12. I'm not sure that we should be too worried about the evolution of - let's call it production - in the UK. A few years ago all cheap things (videos cameras) came from Japan. Now not much is made there but alot is designed there. I think that that is the area where the real money is. So as long as we can design and innovate we are OK. Examples, aircraft wings for Airbus, RR engines.
    However, when I look around at the Chavs and Neets etc my theory does take a bit of a knock.
  13. Well, that's all very well for the designers and innovators, but they arent' the only ones who need to earn money. If we don't have jobs for the chavs to do in the UK, there's no chance of ever weaning them off the benefits teat.

    We used to be really good at engineering, across the whole spectrum of processes; in many cases still are, but not so much the hands-on making stuff. Actual manufacture of the designed product is well within the capabilities of an ordinarily intelligent human being, and they can be found cheaper elsewhere.

    Unless you're dealing in a niche industry where the skills are restricted to a few local specialists, or you're a small business making basic goods for local consumption, the chances are you'll need to break the Buy British rule at some point to remain competitive. Globalisation, I'm afraid.
  14. I buy my stuff from a shop that gets its produce from local farmers so i try my best.

    I absolutely refuse to buy any product that has "Made in the EU" on the label as a matter of principle.

    Would hate to accidentally buy anything French..... except maybe a prostitute.
  15. Think you need a trip to GUM clinic Saintstone; if you've got blue cheese