Can we spank Broon please?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by inbredyokel666, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. I have a bone thought...well I have plenty of bone thoughts, but this is one that I've had recurring over the last few years.
    Our country is in proper sh!t order, and the idiots who have gotten it in this mess are not held to account.
    Public servants and just about anyone in any job are held accountable for their actions - doctors, nurses, police, squaddies and even matelots can be pulled in and spanked for the messes they make.
    But not our heads of state.
    How bad does it actually have to get before they are called to account?
    Is there a legal basis for it?
    I personally think Brown should be jailed for his running the country on a cult of ego.

    Any smart men (or women) got thoughts on this?
  2. Yes..... both Gollums and Teflon should be working for nowt on Dartmoor... breaking rocks to produce chips to fill in all the potholes in the M25......

    But.... both of 'em will probably leg it to the septics and ask for politcal asylum...... :p

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  3. Our Tone is a god over there. Don't know about Broonie, he is a bit dour-faced for the Yank taste.

    Besides, could they have done a worse job than Michael Howard, William Vague or Ian Duncan Somebody?

  4. Seen him grinning like a spastic in the labour mouth piece called the Daily Record on Thursday. Mind you he was amongst his peers 5 year old school kids bet he had his fingers down their pants
  5. Our head of state is the queen.
  6. Spanking with a length of 4x2 timber and not just him but all the self serving numpties who kept a man wholly unfit for purpose as human being let alone high office in place. Even more than many suspected at the time, he was a scarecrow propped up by a support system run by Mandy that Stalin would have been proud of.

    "....frank account of the panic in the former Prime Minister’s inner circle is disclosed in a new book by Deborah Mattinson, who was in charge of his personal and political polling."

    "She gives excruciating details of how advisers tried to make him more attractive, using strategies such as changing his hairstyle and clothes. But in the end he gave up and ‘retreated into his No10 bunker – the dream home that became a prison’.

    Astonishingly, Ms Mattinson says one reason she did not walk out was her fear that she would be smeared by Peter Mandelson.

    In her book, damningly titled Talking To A Brick Wall, she said: ‘The purpose of Project 3D was to develop a more three-dimensional image for GB. He had barely left Westminster since becoming an MP in 1983.
    ‘His entire life was his work and in his rare moments of leisure he chose to hang out with Westminster Village insider buddies such as Charlie Whelan and Ed Balls.
    ‘On one occasion he was sent tickets to watch England play football and it was agreed that, in the spirit of Project 3D, he should go along and be seen with a normal friend, unconnected with politics.

    '“I’ll go with Ed Balls,” he said, and was bewildered by amused protests that Ed was hardly non-political.’ "
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Politicians just get voted out of office and live happily ever after. They don't have friends, just people who think they can profit by association.
  8. Id like to see Maggie Thatcher burned as a witch, but thats not going to happen is it???
  9. No because the current situation wasn't caused by her and she dragged UK plc from the sh1thole it was under socialism.

    Ah' ve always voted Labour an' so did ma Da. Didnae even need tae think aboot it 8)
  10. No, it's not. Well, certainly not before she has a starring role in the first state funeral since Louis Mountbatten in 1979. I wouldn't put it past some nutter like Arthur Scargill to dig her body up though. Hopefully, her rotting corpse will infect him with something deeply unpleasant and ultimately fatal.

    Regarding Tony, he may be on his way to a severe spanking. Now that the legality of the Iraq war is in doubt and the circumstances of Dr David Kelly's suicide are, once again, being questioned, Teflon Tony may find himself standing in a dock here or in The Hague. He doesn't have the benefit of a tame Director of Public Prosecutions who is one of Cherie's business partners.

    Regarding Gordon, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. There are rumours that he's seriously ill, having suffered some sort of breakdown after losing the election. Other rumours suggest that he's unable to face the reality life as a backbench MP since he's yet to receive a phone call from the IMF/World Bank/UN/White House offering him a job as "Saviour of the World". He's not going to make a living from writing books either and the prospect of "Professor Brown" occupying a chair at Harvard or Yale evaporated along with the UK economy.

    A future in writing letters to Cowdenbeath Council on behalf of constituents whose toilets wont flush beckons. That's quite a come down when you've chartered a private 747 to Washington and had a dump in the Oval Office bathroom.

    I don't think Dave's going to let Gordon continue to claim salary and expenses while failing to turn up for work, in the finest traditions of MPs like George Galloway and Margaret Moran. I think he may be told to either resign his seat or get his arrse into a second class train seat to London before the summer recess.
  11. There's an article in today's "Daily Wail" that Cyclops might go back into academia as a 'Visiting Proffessor" at Edinburgh Univeristy wehre he once was a lecturer.

    Or even the Prestigious St Andrews Univeristy.... which Young Uncle V knows quite well.... having worked there many years ago.....

    Maybe he will run courses on the theme of '21st Century UK Economic Foul-ups, and the Tory's are to blame for it all...!"

    I'm sure there will be an eager scramble by Freshers in their First Year to hear the words of wisdom from the Horses Mouth.... or is it the other way round.... The Hoses Hoop??
  12. Perhaps "Whet" could give him (Broon) some advice on how to screw the benefit system as well!
  13. Ah yes, Dr Brown, Edinburgh University lecturer. That's a myth that Gordon persistently fails to squash.

    While spending TEN FEKKIN YEARS getting his PhD in "The Labour Party and Political Change in Scotland 1918–29" at Edinburgh, he spent four years as a politics lecturer at Glasgow College of Technology. That, and a three year stint as a journalist is all the work experience the boy genius had before deciding that he was fit to ruin, err I mean run the country.