Can we see your documents please, Your Majesty...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunami, Dec 5, 2009.

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  1. Can we see your documents please, Your Majesty... Queen faces anti-terror checks every time she leaves UK

    This Country as gone bloody mad!
  2. How can the state demand this of the Head of State?
  3. Mentioning this to Mr Wassisnamey in the corner shop, he laughed. Nobody asked him....anything 8O
  4. Do we live in the former ussr or what, I pity the person who will be required to ask such a question of Her Majesty, I sincerly hope Her Majesty refuses and then what would happen??????? crazey absolute madness.
  5. It would be a bit difficult as I don’t think she has a passport.

    Read the inside ocver of your passport.
  6. I'd pay good money to see Prince Philips response if he ever gets asked. :lol:
  7. How monumentally insulting it would be to ask our Sovereign for identification! =(
  8. it's the press putting 2 and 2 together and getting 6 million.
  9. If this is true and I doubt it, we would look stupid to the rest of the world. Visits from a head of state are planned well in advance and are security intensive. For a foreign head of state to be required to through passport checks would be a diplomatic disaster. For our own to do so would be that too, in spades.
  10. i want the queen to simply reply "**** off" the dipshit that though this one up really should be tied up downrange...
  11. Apparently Her Majesty's car does not need any identification - no number plate !

    And FFS don't the checkers do their checking in her name anyway.
  12. makes a lot of sense really. Once england has a Islamic Parlement, HM the queen will not be allowed back in.
  13. All privately owned vehicles are registered, as HMQ's cars are not privately owned they are not registered.
  14. Govt cars must be publicly owned, surely? They seem to have plates...