"Can we please have your soldiers and tents" plea from local charities/clubs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Moon_Monkey_Spunk, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. I'm sure I'm not the only person in this situation!

    I'm currently recieving a higher than normal (manily due to the Diamond Jubilee) amount of letters from local chairties/clubs/councils asking for manpower support and equiptment (tents/tables) for events during this Summer, to the point where I'm about to template a "**** off" letter. currenlty my Regiment are busy (like all are) on Ops, busy with Olympics (Summer Leave cancelled) and busy with the outflow due to redundancies!

    I know these people are doing it for the best reasons but come on, they still have the 1950s belief that the Army is sitting around with plenty of manpower willing to give up all their weekends for poxy school fete's!

    I'm sure there were DINs or ABNs out recently stating the policy on the non use of militarty Pers/Equipt for civil events (or did I dream this?) Can anyone help me on this one?

    I know it's a whine but the latest letter from a posh rugby club asking for my Soldiers to erect tents over May Bank holiday weekend really fookin annoyed me!!
  2. Go with your instincts and reply (politely) that your Regiment is a tad busy right now what with wars, olympic security and what-have-you. If you write it well enough, you might actually make them feel ashamed for asking!
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    You don't fool me my man.
    I've watched the Yangtzee incedent,The League of Gentlemen and Carrington V.C recently courtesy of film 4
    There are National Servicemen lying about all over the place, at a push their only marching up and down being shouted at.
    Why not release some of these black and white servicemen to help the nation?

    Your obedient servant etc etc
    Major General Sir A.D.B.X.C Montgomery - Farquar - Smith D.S.O M.C and Bar (Ret'd)
  4. Clearly not a graduate of The Sgt Bilko School of Private Enterprise.
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  5. Are they offering anything in return?
  6. I can see PRI profits and beer/beer tokens for the troops!
  7. Stacker,
    In short, no. There is not even a Service Charity benefitting from any monies rasied! In short, they want my troops to bring tents, erect them, man stands, clean up, sod off and the money raised goes to the local toff rugger club....


    Letter of polite(ish)"**** off" typed, about to send!
  8. Go with your '**** off' (politely) instinct. After a month, write to them and ask if they'll set up and staff a families fair on camp for the blokes.
  9. Its one for the Regional recruiting teams.
    they should have booked ahead of time, but theyll turn up with what used to be KAPE, and man a climbing wall, some bouncy castles and a paintball range or something.

    "what do we get back?"

    Public interest exposure and possible future recruits.

    That said (no offence to CRR,) an overwieght 22 yr Lcpl and a G1 case private may not be the image we are trying to sell!
  10. Don't even bother being polite, cheeky bastards, everyone knows the boss gets free drinks/tickets/party invites etc. The workers get a slab of beer if they are lucky.
  11. You didn't dream it :)

    ABN 43/10 - Fundraising In Uniform has this to say:

    Hope this helps.

  12. Just make sure they don't outflank you by drafting in some nice chap who used to go to school with your Sunray's father-in-law!


    Why not ask for a bit of quid pro quo?

    You know, along the lines of: "In return all I ask is two-score of the strongest and most vigorous menfolk in the village, who shall accompany the Regiment to Glorious Deeds killing the Queen's enemies in Afghanistan. Uniform and musket will be provided."
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  13. Also, if there's no benefit for the lads, I would tell them to rod off, ABN or no.

    The cheeky feckers.
  14. Sorry, what did you write, I was too busy watching the gif in your signature block...
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  15. As for the toffs rugby team they can foxtrot oscar. Now a ladies rugby team might have more of a chance. Seriosly, asking for help and not offering anything in return is seriously taking the piss.