Can we please have the death penalty back now?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. 100k a year, so the Beeb reckoned yesterday. Much simpler, and cheaper, to tape his balls to the mains.
  2. Can we please have the death penalty back now?

    NO, so stop asking.
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  3. Should it later transpire that somebody has been wrongly convicted, they can be released. They could not be bought back to life.
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  4. The truly frightening aspect of this trial is that two jury members believe that strangling a woman a foot shorter than you and inflicting 43 separate injuries on her was accidental and didn't constitute murder.
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  5. 7 billion of us and growing, a few mistakes won't make much difference.
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  6. It's often difficult to argue against topping some people after what they have done to their victims but a society is judged by how it treats it's prisoners. I'm against the death penalty but there are many instances where I think the law has made mistakes by being too lenient.
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  7. You can't crucify a bloke just because he likes the taste of pussy.
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  8. A rope is cheaper.
    But then a dagger only requires a wipe with a j cloth and rinse it out.
  9. ******* shame that...
  10. You know what, I can see both sides, but I am in the "bring it back" club.
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  11. Which is why it should/could be used for criminals that are particularly expensive to keep from the public and for those that are dead cert for guilt.

    Failing that can we use them for experiments?
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  12. you havent thought this through... what happens when YOU want to kill someone ??
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    Your keyboards knackered mate. You've typed the URL for the Daily Mail online and ended up on Arrse.
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  14. He didn't rape her apparantley, the Queer!