Can we make it

"Oh ye have little faith"

That has been around a while Akira however it is still amusing to watch, did you know the gap in the trees was actually just wide enough? they hit a smaller tree in the middle on the exit!! God bless America! :lol:
This is why the spams are the best in the world!!!!! at what we don't know yet but!!!! A little bit too much yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaa, and hooo yaaaa and the brain may just kick in and say this is stupid let not try this!!!!

But unfortunately the nature of the beast is to tell it's self and each other that they are the best and can do anything!!!
Unfortunately for those on the end of a blue on blue we tend to disagree.

Tossers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:

But a great video!!!! It made I laugh lots!!!
The Lord Flasheart said:
Sooty anyone? :wink:
I had a day once when I was in "the right place at the right time" I was quite fortunate enough to be able to view the investigation findings into the 'Sooty' incident. It was packed with photo's (including Sooty himself waving to the Yanks) and interviews. The only thing the briefing was missing, was the thoughts of the two aircrew (and Sooty) immediately after they hit the deck! :lol: Some of the statements were very funny. If I can remember, the cab came down next to a cookhouse, and the crew were pulled out by a load of slop jockeys! Later on on this same day, I was stood outside the Comd Avn's office when he went fcuking nar-ners with a Captain and Sgt who did an unauthorised loop-the-loop (is that what it's called) in a Lynx Mk7, only to take out a farmers field of wheat and destroy the said Lynx!!

I know both Gazelle aircrew never flew again for the Army, but the other two, if I remember correctly, received a severe reprimand, which I could never understand, cos when I smashed up a vehicle in NI, I got marched in and was relieved of a couple of hundred quid. :x

This is a piccy of the 'Sooty' cab not long at all after it hit the deck.

The piccy was taken from the doorway of the 14/20th Kings Hussars if I remember correctly.

Still look at this and think the lucky cnuts walked away... but at least it stopped one of those fcukign astazou's screaming :D

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