Can we limit Sig Blocks?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. Can there be a limit put on the size of signature blocks?

    I'm spending my internet time downloading pointless and huge signature blocks in the forums. It does seem that the validity of post content is inversely proportional to the size of the signature block - with the biggest numpties being the worst offenders. It would not detract from the site and would make things run a bit smoother overall.

    I do use AdBlock, but I have to update every time a retard finds another animated gif of a bird and is excited enough to change his.
  2. It's not too bad when I'm at home, but the animated gifs really crunch the cr@p MoD PC that I use at work, and slow it down a lot.
  3. I know I have alot of crap in mine,at least its just text! However some of the pics are getting a bit to close to NSFW for comfort.
  4. Why don't you change your profile to 'Safe For Work' mode then? The only things you have to be careful of then are the Kathy West ads!
  5. I just tried the safe mode, works filtering software here didn't like it and binned all access. I had to use the back button to get back to reset the settings-just as well or I would be bored out of my proverbial tiny over lunch!!! 8O
  6. I think three quotes that appear every time you post on a forum is just pish as well. It just makes you look like you have nothing intelligent to say yourself - especially when they are longer than your post.

    The animated gifs are getting very NSFW and regardless, it is taking longer and longer to download any page - even at home.
  7. Just so I am correct in my own mind:

    You are whinging because ARRSE is slower whilst on work PCs?

    While at work how about doing some


    I don't have a problem on my HOME PC
  8. You will never get anywhere with that sort of attitude
  9. I agree - but some sig blocks are just nice to view now and again.
  10. I have to say that despite some of the Sig Block gifs being ... interesting, I agree that they are getting a bit OTT. It can take an age for some of them to load up with this Boxhead internet connection.
  11. I must protest.
  12. Some of these are just getting over the top now. Please can you either limit GIF signature blocks to 1 only or ban them all together. I cite this user as an example of one that is going over the top.

    They slow the page load down, they increase the amount of scrolling, they are distracting, I understand that they are causing problems for people using broadband Dongles and some are nearing pornographic. I know that I can go into 'Worksafe' mode but why should I? Then I can't see the Avatars.

    Or maybe I'm just a miserable bitch...
  13. Let Matty keep the left one.
  14. I kind of like mine but I will get rid of it eventually.
    I have a few more weeks of spud mourning left.
    After all I must observe the correct protocol.
  15. And yours is a single, inoffensive one. No problem with that at all.