Can we help this poor lad?

A whole bus full of witnesses and not one tried to help. Shameful! (I do appreciate that many of them may well have been frailer/older than the victim himself)
The sad fact is that the scum who did this will probably not get what he deserves (which is a very long gaol sentence).
I was on a bus once and challenged a couple of younger men who were drunk and abusing passengers, obviously they turned on me but at least they werent abusing the others, one ended up trying to bottle me whilst i pinned the other into a seat, I had his arm and bottle in one hand and a knee and my weight and other hand on his mate, leaving him a free hand to try and hit me with his free hand, i managed to get myself out of reach for most but it seemed a stalemate and I was thinking what the hell can i do, until the little old bus lady came screaming up the aisle and pushed the one with bottle who fell down. It was enough time for me to land one on his mate stand up and kick the crap out of bottle weilding jock then return to his mate. (that story gets better every time). I removed one from the bus using his hair as a lead and the other ran out of the emergency exit on my return for him.

Thing that shocked me after was, there were a few 'heavy metal' types on the bus coming back from a night club, a group of 4 who all looked a fair size and all a few years older than me (I was in mid 20's recon the 2 were late teens), several other able bodied men too but none of them did anything for me and allowed the bus lady (she was a brave woman) to join in whilst they sat there and pretended not to look.

Too many people willing to walk on by, it could have been "young good looking and pretty hard hero scarred for life trying to save bus driver from drunk thugs". other witness were concerned for their safety and they did fuk all

Nuff said.

The lad with the bottle got community service for aggrivated behaviour or attempted assault or some crap, the fact that he tried to smash a bottle in my face should have been attempted manslaughter, i think its irrelevant he didnt manage it, same with hitting a 70 year old man, if you hit one its likely they will die, the fact they dont shouldnt change the intent.

Aside from the troubles (this isnt a political statement), in Belfast in the 80s and 90s you knew the cnuts who were rotten by the fact they walked with a broken knee cap issue or will do on their release from prison, house breakers will be knee capped, amen, mob justice!!

Whats this lads name..
Perhaps it is time for bus companies to employ staff who are dual roled as conductor/security. Surely the bus operator has a duty of care to its passengers? Same for trains and any other mass transportation.


Perhaps it is time for bus companies to employ staff who are dual roled as conductor/security. Surely the bus operator has a duty of care to its passengers? Same for trains and any other mass transportation.
Wouldn't work. You'd only have the security guard hiding on the bus with the rest of them...
Perhaps it is time for bus companies to employ staff who are dual roled as conductor/security. Surely the bus operator has a duty of care to its passengers? Same for trains and any other mass transportation.
And give greedy companies like Stagecoach yet another excuse to hike the already exorbitant fares up, or bleat poverty to the local council who already subsidise most of the local buses to cough up yet more tax-payers cash?
This is why we should never have done away with floggng in prisons, birching youths, and using the cane in schools. Has it made society better? No it bloody well has not!
I know its easy to sit here and say what we would have done in this situation, but I like to think I would have tried to help the old bloke. Half a dozen pensioners should have been able to kick the living shit out of the young thug,
Bearing in mind the number of times the police and CPS have nicked 'have-a-go' heroes or when it has gone wrong and the hero has been hurt, the first thing the police come out with are platitudes about not taking the law into your own hands, and letting the professionals deal with it.

The safety the others were concerned with is more likely to be what the police will do if the thug presses charges against one of them if they did deck him.
I think the fancy term is diffusion of responsibility from a psychology class a long time ago but the more people presant the less chance of an individual taking action. However this is an extreme end of the scale unfortunatly its not the first time things like this have happend on a bus, can't find a link but a few years ago a teen had the crap beaten out of her by a gang of girls the same age on a packed bus and no one intervined then either. We all like to think we'd go Bruce Lee and intervine in a situation like this but it seems in our modern risk averse lives we'd rather walk on by making any excuse not to intervine shame though as it shows the true state of modern society under the thin veneer of our western standerds
Well...what more can you expect in a country where most of the population is scared of helping/ defending someone, or even self-defense, as you might get charged with an offense and not the original instigator.

Keep bleeping sheeple.
No fixed address but has an accessible Facebook account.

I bet his brief pushed the homless bit to show him as a victim too, a victim of society? :roll:

I used to have a subby work for me that got caught dealing a chunky amount of Charlie, but was given a reduced sentence when he was portrayed as a drug user and therefore a victim. The fact that he'd admitted to me he never used, never had a prosecution for possesion or was even on anyone's books as a user must have by-passed the prosecution team?
2x4 nails,,,,I will do it and gladly do the time...........
After 9- 11, people realised, if they just sat there..... THEY WERE GOING TO DIE.

I remember when some drunken dickhead on a flight we were on, kicked off.... half the plane rose up to try to rip his lungs out, the big problem the stewies had was fending them off.

Pity it hasn't extended to buses yet.......
The bus company should employ a mad psycho cunt with a hammer on every bus with a clear and legal mandate to absolutely annihilate any little fucker like this at whim. Yeh, he may get it wrong every now and then but hey, you have to accept some collateral damage for the greater good.

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