Can we have a show of hands for boycotting the Sun now?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. Yes long overdue

  2. No I like the interesting informative and insightful reporting

  1. Well, they're at it again , trial by Media.

    Time for a boycott or not?

    Yes or no only, no commentary on the case please.


  2. We should ask the Naafi to stop selling the Sun.

    That would harden them.
  3. Its a rag, I would be less ashamed to be seen buying "Clerics & Choirboys monthly" than the Scum.
  4. Then maybe we should petition the Naafi?
  5. As I don't read the rag unless someone plonks it in front of me, I assume it's about 3 Para? Two days previously, in an article about radio's on Apache, they said it was a disgrace that 'the brave para's' should not be able to communicate with the heli's on their forthcoming trip to Afghanistan. The Scum stinks, always has, always will.
  6. Good idea, keeping it out of service establishments would not hurt their sales but would be picked up by other newspapers and would encourage other sections of society to do so. This negative publicity would be worth so much more than loss of revenue. Emails and petitions highlighting the blacklisting of said newspapers on camp being sent to their advertisers would also get the message across. Lets not forget that it is the most popular newspaper and mostly read by thicko's though.

    A word of warning, in Liverpool they bent over backwards to the families of the Hillsborough? disaster and were never forgiven. The Sun will say anything to get any campaign dropped and a few months later start all over again with any change of editorship, lets also consider Rebekah Wade as fair game.

    While I would put my own time into something like this, I fear this site will end up as a talking shop only.

    Cynical? prove me wrong
  7. Mess members (of those Messes unfortunate enough to have a copy of the rag) could ask their relevant representative on the Mess Ctee to raise the matter at the Mess meeting with a view to banning the rag from the ante-room.

    If enough Messes did this, the Mirror would run a story.

    Don't know about the NAAFI, but I dimly recall that most units have some sort of committee for the junior ranks club and they could do something similar.
  8. Get rid. But can we get Clarkson to write his Saturday column in another paper?
  9. Ok, who wishes to be become organiser i/c petition? Oh, and we need a 2 i/c media ops.

    Oh, and an appropriate banner. (Not looking at anyone gifted in particular) :D
  10. He does in the Sunday Times.
  11. Happy to put time in and hassle/cajole messes in South East or make calls to papers. I/C? nein danke, I think many hands make light work. Lets see who throws their hat in the ring and see what our manpower is.

    A sticky?
  12. Email them.

    I did. Enough people do it and it will be like a petition.
  13. Thanks for that Vonshot.

    It will be a sticky, after I harvest a few more replies. Before anyone says "Oh but what can we do?" I'd just like to remind you about Forces voting and Piers Morgan. We can do a lot.
  14. I think this may be a slow burn, if we can get enough genuine people to get involved it would be seriously worth doing.

    If anyone is interested in bringing it up during mess meeting, pressuring their PMC, contacting their NAAFI, passing emails around work, speaking to work mates or just coming up with suggestions, lets see your names here.

    As we all know it doesnt take a lot to generate bad publicity.
  15. Bin it! - simple

    Just get them to chance Jeremy Clarkson and page 3 before hand