Can we have a Med Centre page?

There must be some merit in having a Medical Centre page on Arrse.  It takes friggin ages to get an appointment with our Doc these days.  What is the longest anyone has had to wait for a specialist appointment?  I recently got a letter telling me I was on a 2 year waiting list for a specialist appointment.  

Anyone do better than that?
I already asked 4 a Med Centre forum on here when I first joined, I thought it'd be a good idea for everyone that has had a medical problem/or injury since joining the army or complaints about thier Med Centre to tell thier stories but was told to use the RAMC forum! ::)

We must think alike ;)
Leanne!   Thanks for the support (although it sounds like I am supporting you).  Apart from medical problems I thought it would be a good laugh to have a Problems page - a bit like Claire Raynor, where we could all give our smart arse solutions.  Never mind - just a thought. 8)

Maybe we do think alike - does it mean we are engaged? :eek:
LOL....You have'nt flown me to Barbados and asked me to have your hand in marriage yet by handing me over a 24 carat gold diamond ring! ;)
Why do that when he can just Bum & ditch you ;D
I know, id want to throttle you first ;D
What thingy
Promises promises

Have you set off yet then ;D

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