Can we call Glasgow?

I have a soldier who is still waiting for his bounty! My RHQ are all on holiday, so can I call Glasgow direct or is this a) impossible or b) frowned upon?

Anyone know if this is ok, and if so what number is best to use?
I know they are in a bit of an admin vortex at the mo. but all I want to do is be able to tell the poor b*stard that the money will get to him eventually.
If its any consolation mine hit the bank on Friday 1 Aug - not bad from 1 Apr - only 4 moths to press a few buttons.

I had to do some adjatating with the RAO as well and the poor civi pay clerk was basically told not to phone back again - my advice - go for it, phone them every day then three times a day etc they'll soon get the message that this needs paid to the soldier.

Good luck
I tried once but just basically got told they wouldn't discuss it over the phone (OPSEC, apparently) and that I should go through the RAO. I told them that, duh, I had indeed already been through the RAO to no avail which oddly enough, was why I phoned in the first place but this was met with what can only be described as a frosty response reiterating the party line.
I really think you'd be better off getting up to Glasgow and chaining yourself to the doors of the pyramid sponge cake-at least you'll make an impression. :wink:
Looks like the first train to Glasgow to superglue my hand to the f*ckers desk. Unfortunately due to hot weather it will a very slow and unpleasant journey, so errr maybe I won't bother.

Oh well I'll just tell the bloke I tried. :?

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