Can we buy our own plate carriers the or what?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Badgerdog, Sep 13, 2008.

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  1. Now then now then... I keep on hearing rumours that lads are now allowed to use thier own plate carriers, ala Blackhawk, Paraclete etc, so long as they clear it through their life insurance, as the only bit of Osprey that you cannot change is obviously the filler, and the plates. Is this gen up? or is it just the Walts wanting to look like our boys in black?

    Oh my god, I just heard a similar rumour regarding helmets.....
  2. Personally, I doubt this is true. The MOD is liable for your safety regardless of the arrangement you make insurance-wise (health and safety at work etc).

    "Sir, can we stop, me webtex plate carrier's just broken."
    "The coroner's report said that Soldier B died of gunshot wounds to the chest, which would have been prevented had he been wearing the issued armour system. The victim's family are reported to be seeking legal advice."

    As for helmets, the para lid is now in the process of being banned, as it doesn't provide sufficient protection, so civvy helmets are unlikely. Not only that, but helmets are vital for identification (why do you think journos wear the PASGT?).

    Your leg is being pulled, I think. Or have I been wah'ed?
  3. Para helmet is deffo banned, i'm off to the stan in days few, and we have been told that only the Mk6a is to be used. not heard anything about plate carriers either.
  4. Anybody know the extent to which protection is reduced by wearing the plate without the backing to absorb the kinetic energy of a fragment or round hitting it? Something tells me its significant.
  5. Not being funny but ... why would you want to know????
  6. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    So he can decide if he wants to chance it or not. :)
  7. Death is pretty significant. So is serious injury (if you're lucky enough not to die). If a round hits the plate, the energy of the bullet has to go somewhere; into the plate. The plate is rigid, therefore the energy cannot be absorbed by deformation of the plate (as would happen with kevlar armour), ergo the energy is passed to you. This will throw you off your feet, shatter ribs and probably do you a serious injury; think being hit in the chest with a sledgehammer, but several times harder.

    Armour has a blunt trauma shield because without it you will still die if you get shot. Plate carriers are not a solution on their own; they merely provide extra protection.

    If I were you, mate, I wouldn't get myself shot, but each to his own :D
  8. Didn't kit monster show an OSPREY replacement which is supposed to be; "Better....... Stronger.............. Faster" ?
  9. There is better stuff than osprey; smaller, lighter, etc. Osprey, however, is proven; it stops rounds, it doesn't break too easily; it doesn't have any major faults which make it unsuitable. If people are allowed to use their own, then some numpty will pitch up in a thin-as-cardboard police vest rated against 9mm which provides no protection against 7.62

    The PECOC stuff looks pretty good; much lower profile. But that won't come through for a while.
  10. What about loads of old soldier mags stitched inside a smock???
  11. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    OPTAG are now briefing that there is an issue plate carrier that will be issued alongside Osprey to those units that require it. With regards to wearing it, that will be mission-specific under local authority.
  12. its just a rumour I heard.... doing the rounds. i just wandered if anyone else had heard it. i personally go for issue tissue when out in afghan. As for pouches, i go for paraclete molle pouches. No reason, I just dnt like the issue pouches.
  13. I bet you fell for the "you've got to take the plastic square out of your beret or you'll go bald" rumour as well, didn't you? ;)
  14. i didn't fall for anything. This is a Rumour Service after all.......