Can we be part of both the TA and the ACF?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by sig_armstrong, Nov 2, 2003.

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  1. I have been a member of the TA and ACF for about 6 months, I Joined them both in the same week.

    I have not missed a week or camp for eather but one where I had Both TA and Cadets on one weekend, I went to the Cadets with the TA CO's aprovell.

    But the cadets have just dumped me when thay found out that I am in the TA saying thay do not think I can put the commetment in to both.

    is any one elce in both and if so have you had any truble with commetment ?

  2. it has been done before, i had online chat with he was in the TA and ACF for quite a while, he laterleft the TA out of his own choice, there is no problems from what he tells me,
    it could be that the ACF in your area has a different policy ?
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    On a national basis there is no problem with being in the TA and the ACF as a member of the adult staff, obviously your local county headquarters may have an issue.

    I know of some people who are both TA and ACF.

    There is however a problem if you are then put on the commissioning board by the ACF as a type b commission is still a commission and at that point you either have to leave the TA or try to convinve the board that you are worthy of a type a as well so that you can be an occifer in both organisations.

    Not difficult under 35, a pain in the bum after that.

  4. While I was in the UOTC I was in both - as the UOTC is part of the TA - and technically I still have dual membership of the TA and ACF. However, I've recently been commissioned, and so if I want to stay in the ACF I will have to ask my new units permission - because I will have to hold a Type A and a Type C (ACF commissions aren't Type B) at the same time.

    However, I have found that ACF officers in my county look down on the TA and constantly tried to get me to leave. Also, they had a thing about me wearing my uniform according to the dress regulations of my Corps, and kept on trying to make me pin ACF titles onto my rank slide. They insisted that while I was being paid by them I had to dress the way they want, but if you check TA and Army regulations, you'll find that TA has prescident over the ACF - but that's a minor grumble.

    There is nothing in the regs to stop you being in both. However, you should consult your OC/CO and gain their permission - remember, as a part of the TA you have a mobilisation liability and have to forfill enough training each year to be considered fit for role (ie do enough to get your bounty). The ACF should - but don't always - recognise this and understand that they play second fiddle to the TA. I have certainly found that ACF staff question this outlook and therefore question your committment - but as far as I am concerned, anyone who is willing to do twice as much work is clearly committed, and have a foot in both camps you bring extra skills to both:

    Being in the ACF will teach you and give you more practise of instructing

    Being in the TA will give you up to date training and doctrine, and will also give you usefull contacts.

    Everyone wins!

    The only other thing to note is that your rank in the ACF MUST MIRROR your rank in the TA (again because it's the senior organisation) so the ACF can't commission you unless your TA unit will commission you as well - which means Sandhurst (a word most ACF officer's aren't familiar with!!!). Hope that helps.
  5. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    As a working member of the ACF rank slides with ACF clearly marked on them should always be worn in order to clarify the situation.

    ACF instructors, commissioned or not, have a priority of responsibilities that is different to the TA. In the TA ultimately your priority of responsibilities start off with the crown and then run down. In the ACF your first and primary responsibility must always remain the welfare and safety of the cadets under your charge; the crown, the Queen, the royal corgis and even the GSM of Aldershot appear significantly further down my list of priorities than the welfare of cadets in my charge and the ACF slides give me the moral authority and legal position to state this.

    The ACF letters clearly indicate to other green bodies that you will deal with cadets first and them second. It also indicates who is responsible and that you are classified as an appropriate person to deal with other people's children because that is what they are and what the ACF staff are.

    A copy of "The Red Book" and a pair of ACF rank slides should be the minimum requirement before I let anyone within fifty feet of a cadet unless they were dirrectly supervised by someone wearring and possessing the said book and slides.
  6. I am also ACF/OTC(TA class B) and this is what I have found.

    My I have got the ACF to take this to the top as it is not somthing that is realy defined in any ones books. but the genral jist seems to be that you can do both as an AI. you can draw pay form boath but not on the same day. If you are paraiding with the ACF you wair there uniform and abyed by their rules. Like wise wile you are in the TA you wair there uniform and abide by their rules. HQ Land are looking in to the whole Dule membership thing at the moment so we will see what happens.
  7. can't spell though can you? "wair"? "dule"?
    Acceptable from an ACFer but not an OTCer.
    Get a spellchecker.
  8. You tell them Lucy ............. or should that be Kevin?

    Although how anyone can get so excited about whether or not to wear "ACF" rank slides is way beyond me. Isn't the quality and commitment of an individual (accepting neither of these terms really apply to many people in the TA) more important than whether they conform to pointless regulations?

  9. it's Kevin,
    fair play to the ACF, may as well give the scallies some sense of responsability. That way they can beat each other up for their thieving antics.
  10. Stand by, stand by....

    Correcting grammar and spelling on an ACF thread, hmm seen this happen before. Bear in mind Lucy what happened when I embarked on the same mission.

    Ach well, this time I'll enjoy the spectacle....
  11. Well, actually fella, fair one on this occasion.
    Obviously you don't need my permission to crack on, or anything, but feel free.

    The guy's supposed to be in an OTC, fer Chrissake.

    'abyed', 'wile', 'boath' - are you from the 16th Century, far_famed_wolf?
  12. Bloody hell Gizzit... have you chilled out in your old age mate? :D
  13. Please excuse my spelling. Im dislexice. I do try.

    I think when maninblack referd to ACF Slides and the red book he was meaning that we have all been checked out by the police to make shore we are capable of beeing truseded with peoples childern. where as other people in green havn't. (unles thay are teachers or do a similer job)

    Also Regs and TA get very sniffy about ACF typs wearing undiffranced rank slides as ACF instructors, although thay hold a rank of eg Sgt. Thay are (untill comissioned) Civies.
  14. Apologies.
  15. Accepted. My spelling it terable. But I am working onit.