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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by supermatelot, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Can we really afford to make poverty history?
    If we did not have malaria, AIDS and all host of other nasties could we survive?

    If we aided Africa to raise itself to first world status could we still function?

    Im thinking along the lines of natural selection,survival of the fittest and natural wastage.

    Bit philosophical I know but cannot help thinking that our Govts and Bono realise that if we did come up with a cure-all then we would run out of space and resources in a couple of generations.
  2. Instead of say 4 or 5 generations?

    You are assuming that birth rates would not alter as "First World" status was acheived. I would contend that they would fall as the female portion of the population became more educated and career orientated. Similarly couples would no longer feel the need to produce a large family to care for them in their dotage if the sevices of a state welfare system were available.
  3. Hmm,I didnt consider that cultures change so quickly?
    Take Europe as an example with migrants from 3rd world cultures.Certain people of other origins still tend to have more children.

    Didnt China introduce a law with regards to having children??
  4. I cant remember who said it but it went along the line of
    We need a good war or Plague to allow the world to survive.

    Basically to keep the worlds population down, this ensures we dont use all the resources. Does that mean Hitler,bLiar and Bush are enviromentally friendly :roll:
  5. Agreed but probably fewer than they would in their culture of origin so to speak.

    The one child rule, or perhaps it might be better described as the one labour rule as I understand that there is a trend to use fertility drugs to practically guarantee a multiple birth. Its said that this is leading to a gender imbalance in the Chinese population as female infantacide is practiced more frequently to preserve the opportunity of producing a more "valuable" male child.
  6. Malthus seems a good candidate.
    See my point above. Excesses of young men in the population are strongly associate with wars apparently.

    Alternatively we could collectively learn the lesson and act accordingly. :roll:
  7. As H.G. Wells said...
  8. I don't give money to charities who deliver aid to "struggling African nations" simply because keeping them alive "artificially" just ensures that in a few years time, the population will have grown and the next drought/famine will kill even more.

    Sad though it is, and as much as I'd prefer we could be nicer about the whole situation, it seems to me that all we can do is prolong their agony and if it were left to nature, the problem would quite simply disappear.

    As I see it, life is a lottery. We're lucky b*stards. They're not.
  9. A current news story related to the One Child rule.

  10. Personaly I think we should look to our own first then once sorted help others.

    So instead of pumping millions into thrd world nations howabout we use the money here to help the homeless and other vulnerable people, help the injured veterans, etc

    then we can worry about the other peeps around the world
  11. I had a very similiar conversation at work the other day, some of the opposite sex earwigging didn't quite agree. I on the other hand think it has been a bit to long since a major cull. We could be headed for disaster.
  12. If it is down to survival of the fittest, who says that includes you?
  13. The situation in Africa isn't helped by the fact that Rhodesia/Zimbabwe,the Country that should help feed the Continent is currently in ruins due to Mugabe and his Gang of thugs.
    I haven't seen Bonehead and Geldof spout on about the tragedy thats still unfolding in that sad part of the Continent!
  14. No arguments about helping our own but its not one or the other in my book. I'd favour charities like Practical Action, WaterAid and TreeAid for the effort in the Third World.