Can we add an FAQ about officer training?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by clownbasher, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. Or alternatively can anyone give me a quick run down on courses I need to do to go from NCO (with MTQ2 pass from years ago) to officer, once boards passed? Presumably I can't go straight to Sandhurst for the 3 weeks?

    Pressure is being applied again... :? Unfortunately those doing so are unable to tell me what the process currently involves.
  2. Quick answer:

    Mod 1, you've passed with CMSR
    Mod 2, 12 weekends of training in infantry tactics/orders and estimates/battle drills/signals/ranges/mapreading tests etc etc ending in practical tactical exam ( there are condensed courses around, but rare and hard to get on)
    Mod 3, 9 day battlecamp - proving all skills from previous module plus refining/adding to skills
    Mod 4, 3 week Sandhurst course
    Mod 5, Post commissioning course (skill to arms, admin etc)

    You have to do Mod 2 & 3, even if you are Colour Sgt, before you can progress.

    It takes a fair amount of time to get through it all, on paper it looks more straightforward than it actually is. It's hard work, and you may end up repeating the weekends and Mod 3 a few times over. At Sandhurst, you just sip port all day (well, G&T till sundown).

    Somewhere between Mod 1 > 3 you have to fit in the TA commission board. It should be run by a local training unit (well, apart from TACB) who will have lists of dates all to hand.

    Not getting joy with your unit, eh?
  3. Unless of course you are going for an LE group A commission which has been recently introduced.

    Not too sure of the process for this one, anyone from RTC OTW posting in the summer challenge thread care to enlighten us all on the differences in process for the DETAPO/TAPO and LE Gp A. (no point talking about LE QM Commissions as they just give someone a funny handshake and are suddenly capts)
  4. If this sounds a tad drawn out some RTCs run intensive courses for Mod 2 and weekend courses for Mod 3. Shop around for dates that suit you best after all it is your life you are trying to organise and not get the bums-on-seats stats for your local RTC.

    On another note I have heard that Mod 2 has to be completed within 12 months of doing Mod 3. If in doubt blag it.

  5. Been in long enough, and my vague long term plan was that I would go this route, but don't I need to wait until I get to WO2 for this?

    Also, MTQ2 used to give you a shortcut over the initial courses covering orders and all that good stuff and take you (I think) straight to the battle camp bit. Anyone know if this is still the case?
  6. Er, Mod 3 is after mod 2. But sure, you have to progress to Mod 3 before you forget it all - so the practac at the end of mod 2 is only good for a finite amount of time.

    As I've seen more than a few sgts on the Mod 2 (and MTQ2), but no WO2, I'd probably agree with your assumption.

    MTQ2 is essentially the condensed Mod 2, so it does allow you onto Mod 3. However if you have done MTQ2 years ago, you may well have to retake aspects of Mod 2. As the module is condensed, the attrition rate of the information stored in your noodle is higher. In your case you could well be left behind on battlecamp and/or Sandhurst if the skills are not fresh in your mind (unless you are attached to infantry at the moment, or SOTF).

    I think LUOTC is running a MTQ2 21-30 October, if you need it.

    Incidentally, I'm assuming you are TA and not UOTC.
  7. Doh! That will teach me to read before submitting.
  8. No need to be WO2, don't know if you even need to be LCpl, as far as I know for a TA LE Commission it is more dependant on your age, i.e. if you're over 32 (I think this is the TAPO age limit) you go LE. I think the only restriction it causes you later on in your career is that you can't promote abpve major but then your age would probably bar you going further by then anyway.

    I'm still standing by for someone who actually knows the gospel on this to jump in and correct my inevitable gaps in knowledge on this subject.