Can Wales beat SA?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by codbutt, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. Some speculation in the media that Wales might topple a much under-strength South African rugby team on Saturday. And let's face it, Wales don't beat SA too often, to say the least (once in 101 years wasn't it?).
    Can the Taffia do it? What do YOU think?
    Not withouth Shane Williams and Alfie, I think.
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Easy one - NO
  3. Errrrrrrrrrr NO about as likely as... well something fcuking unlikely.
  4. Is this a waaahhhhhhh?
  5. Wales might have a chance if they stopped believing they were the premier rugby nation of the world (10/10 for enthusiasm but your not up to it yet) and stopped harking back to the good old days of the 70's :)
  6. Waaaaahhhhh.
  7. The good old days when the Springboks weren't allowed to play international rugby, d'ya mean? :twisted:

    Revenge is infinitely sweet....
  8. Wales to win by 15 points and Shane Williams to score twice......oh yeah and.....

  9. Yes bless 'em......still good at singing though :wink: and the blonde bird that sings before their games would definitely get it!
  10. This wee minx

    They probably had half a chance until they picked that duffer Henson. Has he actually played for the Ospreys yet?
  11. Yep thats her...... :D

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  12. more chance of pushing fog up hill with a sharp stick than beating the Boks

    Two hopes - bob hope and envel hope

    you get the idea...
  13. The Welsh shall be proper stuffed. After which they will once again have the opportunity to drop their arrogance, forget the "glory days" and get on with reconstructing their national side and domestic game at grass roots level. Or alternatively employ some charlatan as coach and repeat the past three years but this time as farce...
  14. Thanks to Service on behalf of Her Majesty, for which I am most grateful, I never saw any of the Welsh XVs in the 1970s - except, on leave, I saw Wales and South Africa draw 6 - 6 in January 1970.

    When I came 'home' (abroad '63 to '84) Wales didn't seem quite so brilliant. (Maybe, I'm a 'Bottler' Brown type jinx).

    Anyway, I have just been told you cannot respond to any of my posts because:

    a: I 'dissed' the gallant then, but stupid now New Labour tosser West.

    b. Dared to criticise a moderator!

    Sadly, Wales will not win.

    PS: I'm always wrong.
    Oh! My God!
    I beseech Thee to make me wrong regarding the above prediction.
  15. delete Welsh rugby......insert English football.... but we have one thing in common (unlike the Scots and Irish) least we HAVE been good at something!!!!!!!!!!!