Can u take your cat to basic training?


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Whoever is in charge of basic training for Cats is doing a piss-poor job of explaining the concept of 'Present and Correct'...or 'Show Parade'

They are all born AWOL - and see no reason to change this world view.

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This has to be a wah
Fuck me Trigger, do you think so!?

To answer the OP's question, cats are not allowed until week 3 and then you have to provide your own litter tray.
Me & the missus used to have hamsters (missus kept them for years off & on) up until we got the dog, a couple of them were mental wee fuckers, leaping off the cage shelves & dropping the equivalent of about 30ft. I awarded them the BBC & stuck it to the cage doors.


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Bears do not fall within the purview of Queen's regs for Animals, Basic Training Requirements. Except as hats.

Shabash that man !
Can’t be any bigger than a Puma, definitely no Lions, Tigers or Bears.
I think the rule is that it has to fit in the personal drawer of your locker.

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